Belarus Car Hire

Belarus Car Hire

In Belarus you can explore the ancient forests and beautiful lakes in the lovely scenery of the country or tour round the busy cities enjoying the sights and lively culture.

Belarus Car Hire

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Belarusian Arts and Architecture

Minsk, The Capital City of Belarus, is a modern, lively place with plenty of interesting things to see and do. Much of the city was destroyed during World War II leaving hardly any historical buildings left, but one of the few buildings that have survived is the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Spirit dating from the 17th century with Baroque architecture. Also, there is the Cathedral of Saint Virgin Mary dating back to the 18th century, together with the elegant City Hall also from the 18th century. You can also visit the 17th century Cathedral of St Joseph and the Church of Saints Peter and Paul also from the 17th century with its impressive towers and Baroque architecture.

The Museum of the Great Patriotic War is an interesting visit and in this grand building there are collections displaying what it was like for the Belarusians during World War II with the Nazi occupation, together with accounts of, and memorials to, their heroism. There are also military exhibits including vehicles outside the Museum in the Victory Park where the building is located. You could also visit in Minsk is the National History Museum of the Republic of Belarus, which houses collections such as art, archaeology, weapons, jewellery and the artefacts date from prehistory to present. Another interesting visit would be the National Art Museum with thousands of works that include both national and international.

During your trip to Minsk you can go to the National Academic Grant Opera and Ballet Theatre to see a splendid performance, or any of the other theatres in the city. You can also go to any of the lovely parks in Minsk, such as Gorky Park where you can relax in the pleasant surroundings, and there is also an observatory and ferris wheel there.

Orthodox Church Minsk

For a good shopping trip you can go to the large Stolitsa underground shopping complex with many different kinds of shops together with restaurants and cafes to eat at during your shopping trip. There are plenty of trendy cafes and quality restaurants all around the city, along with nightclubs for a fun night out.

The city of Grodna is an interesting place to visit with many historical buildings and museums to see. The Church of Saints Boris and Gleb which was originally built in the 12th century and restored in the 19th century, is a beautiful building with multicoloured tiles in cross shapes on its walls. Also, there is the Cathedral of St. Francis Xavier with its stunning Baroque architecture dating back the the 17th century with beautiful 18th century frescoes. One of the monastery buildings you can see in the city include the Bernadine Monastery from the 17th century and its architectural styles include Gothic and Baroque. There are many wooden buildings around the Grodna also and much of the city still has its traditional feel.

Visitors can go to the State Museum of History and Archaeology where the old castle remains can be seen, together with many exhibits such historical documents, coins, weaponry and other artefacts showing the history of Belarus and many other European historical exhibits. You can also visit the imposing New Castle and Palace standing on the hill overlooking the River Neman.

The Belarusian Landscape

A beautiful region to visit in Belarus is the Braslaw Lakes National Park with its many lovely lakes, with Dryvyaty being the biggest. Other lakes in the park include Strusto and Snudy, and you can relax or stroll by the water’s edge taking in the lake views or go fishing.

Mir Castle Belarus

The Park has many large forests of pine and fir and each forest has its own character, and Boginskoye is one of the stunning forest lakes. You can explore this lovely region with its clean air enjoying the abundant wildlife all around. Animals that live in the park include brown bears, lynx, boars, wolves, roe deer and otters. Some of the many species of birds include swans, storks and grouse and in the lakes you can spot fish such as bream and pike.

In the Belovezhskaya pushcha National Park is the Bialowieza Forest, which is part of the huge primeval forest of oak that used to lie across the plains of Europe and is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site List. The Park is home to many animals including the amazing European bison which are the biggest animals in Europe, along with elk and wild boar. The Park has lovely scenery and you can explore the relaxing natural beauty of the forest which has many species of oak trees such as The Emperor of the South Oak, Barrel Oak and the Tsar Oak which is the oldest oak in Belarus.

Belarusian Cuisine

Some traditional Belarusian dishes include draniki which are fried grated potato pancakes, and borscht which is soup made with beetroot, potatoes, cabbage and sometimes with tomatoes, carrots, meat or fish. Zrazy is rolled beef stuffed with ingredients such as mushrooms, potato and vegetables. Also popular are eggs with a mushroom filling, and bliny which are pancakes.

Pork is the most popular meat along with beef, and can be topped with mushrooms or cheese after frying or being stewed. Rolls of cold meat are common in Belarus, as is a head cheese called salceson, which is a type of cold sausage and can either be a black, white or tongue sausage, sometimes seasoned with ingredients such as pepper, onions or bayleaf.

Fish that is most common in Belarus is carp and herring and sour rye bread is very widely enjoyed. Popular desserts in Belarus include kissel which is cooked fruits thickened with a starch. The most common alcoholic drinks are vodka and beer and among
non-alcoholic drinks kompot, which is a puree of boiled fruit, is very popular, along with carbonated water.

From fishing on a beautiful serene lake in a National Park to shopping and dining in a vibrant city, your trip to Belarus is sure to be an enjoyable one.

Capital: Minsk
Currency: Ruble
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +3