Ireland Car Hire

Ireland Car Hire

On a trip to the Republic of Ireland you can explore the varied terrain, from the many lakes to the ancient bogland, or the rugged hills to the lush woodland or dramatic cliffs, or experience the rich heritage of the country with its ancient sites and folklore.

Ireland Car Hire

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Irish Arts and Architecture

Dublin, the Capital City, is an energetic, vibrant place and a visit to Ireland wouldn’t be the same without sampling the the sights and sounds of this city. You can see churches and cathedrals, many Georgian style buildings, castles and ancient monuments, with the rich history of the city. The famous River Liffey separates the Southside from the Northside of the city. In Trinity College you can visit the Book of Kells, a national treasure.

Kilkenny Castle

The National Gallery houses thousands of works in many different media and shows both Irish and European works from all the main schools of paintings with pieces by Monet, Titian, Caravaggio, Rembrandt and Hogarth to name but a few. The National Museum in Dublin has a huge archaeological collection. There are fascinating pieces of Medieval and Celtic art including the Tara Brooch and Ardagh Chalice. There is a collection of prehistoric pieces and Kingship and Sacrifice exhibition with bog bodies from the Iron Age, together with many other findings from the ancient bogs.

Dublin is of course famous for its lively and friendly pubs, with their warm atmospheres and lots of live music, you can mix easily with the locals, and chat and sing together over a pint of Guinness.

The medieval city of Kilkenny has an impressive castle whose grandeur visitors can admire, together with St. Canice, a medieval cathedral whose round tower you can climb. Another historical landmark to be seen in Killkenny is Rothe House, with its stunning Tudor architecture. You can also explore and fascinating calcite formations Dunmore Cave. Visitors can also enjoy a good nightlife in the City and experience the lively culture there.

Waterford hosts a fascinating museum, The Waterford Treasures. Housed is a stylish building, the museum’s collections include Viking galleries with a huge amount of artefacts from dating between the 10th and 12th centuries and include an intricately carved bird-bone flute, games board with pieces, and jewellery. There are Anglo-Norman collections including a medieval bow, and Edward IV sword. Other galleries include Tudor, Stuart and Georgian collections and you can see an impressive throne with beautiful silverwork.

Kinsale is a lovely fishing town and port on the coast of County Cork and is very popular with visitors. The town is famous for its great quality restaurants and there is a yearly Gourmet Festival held there. There are little winding streets to walk around with interesting shops, and activities you can take part in include golf and sea angling. Yachting is very popular in Kinsale, there is a large marina with many yachts and fishing boats.

The Irish Landscape

Connemara in the west of Ireland is an outstanding region and has gorgeous lush green mountains in the Maam Turks and Twelves Bens ranges. Along the coast of the area are an array of little islands and inlets to explore, country roads, hills, fen and bogland, and white sandy beaches on which to relax or swim. There are also many megalithic tombs in the area and Connemara Green Marble can be found between Lissoughter and Streamstown. You can also visit the quaint villages in the area and walk or cycle around the region enjoying the captivating scenery.

Rock of Cashel

Horn Head, Donegal in the north west of Ireland is National Heritage Area with imposing cliffs rising up 600ft from the sea. There is an abundance of seabirds that breed there such as the razorbill, European shag, guillemots and some puffins, great for people who love wildlife. The rock face is a very dramatic sight for any visitor and is covered on top with eye-catching purple heather. There are also many historical sites in the area with lots of Neolithic stone circle remains, and passage and court tombs. The area makes great hiking and sightseeing with its impressive sights and nature.

In County Kerry there is a marvelous mountain region in Killarney which includes McGillyduddy’s Reeks, which is the highest range of mountains Ireland and soar over 1000 metres. Beneath are the well known lakes and expanse of woodland. This National Park is around 26,000 acres and has beautiful scenery. You can also visit Muckross House and Gardens, a 19th century country house and admire its well kept artefacts and furniture.

Also in Killarney National Park are yew woods and oak woods that are native to the area, together with many other trees and plants. Red deer also live in the region and have done since the Ice Age. The region is a must for any visitor to Ireland with its outstanding beauty and abundance of nature.

Irish Cuisine

Irish dishes are relatively simple, often having few ingredients in each dish. Potatoes are commonly eaten and can be cooked in a variety of ways, but especially mashed with butter. Popular traditional Irish dishes include boiled bacon and cabbage with potatoes which is enjoyed by locals and visitors alike.

Soda bread in eaten widely and the traditional Irish breakfast will include bacon, eggs, sausages and black and white pudding. Dairy is popular, with cheese, milk, butter being common ingredients. Coddle is another favourite, which pork sausage, bacon and potato, and Shepherd’s Pie with minced lamb topped with mashed potato. Cottage pie will have minced beef instead of lamb. Popular fish includes salmon and trout, and shellfish such as oysters and mussels are enjoyed.

Stout, particularly Guinness, is a very popular alcoholic drink in Ireland, and is known worldwide. Other common drinks include whiskey, and Irish coffee, which is whiskey, black coffee and whipped cream. The Irish also love their tea which is drunk commonly all over Ireland.

Visiting the Republic of Ireland offers a trip full of diverse and lovely scenery and historical interest, always with a warm and friendly welcome.

Capital: Dublin
Currency: Euro
Emergency Services: 112 or 999
Drives On: Left
Time Zones: UTC +0