Jersey Car Hire

Jersey Car Hire

Jersey is a lovely place to visit with many places of historic interest, fascinating museums, scenic landscapes and sandy beaches. For air travel, the island is serviced by Jersey Airport

Jersey Car Hire

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Jersey Arts and Architecture

In Saint Helier, the capital of Jersey, there are lots of interesting things things to see and do. There are several museums you can visit in St. Helier. The Jersey Museum has many collections regarding Jersey’s history, from prehistory to the present. In the Maritime Museum there are interesting collections about the maritime history of the Islands and all presented in a fun and interesting way with interactive exhibits. Also in the Museum are regular restoration works on old boats, all adding to the interest at the museum. You could also visit the Georgian townhouse built in the 18th century which is located in New Street. It is now a museum where you can admire the lovely architecture and Regency furnishings in this splendid house. You could go to the Central Market, a covered market dating from the 19th century with lovely Victorian features made from cast iron. You could shop at the various stalls and shops, have something to eat in any of the cafes there.

Mont Orgueil Castle Jersey

During you stay you could go swimming in the sea or just relax on the beach in the pleasant surroundings. Havre des Pas beach is very attractive and a has a lido and a tidal pool which is great for kids to swim in. In St. Helier’s harbour there are lots of boats which provide a great scene, and you can walk along the waterfront taking in the splendid views which are very popular with both locals and visitors. St. Helier is great for shopping with many different shops for all tastes, having well known names along with designer boutiques. There is also a good choice of restaurants and cafes where you can eat and drink during your stay.

In St. Aubin’s Bay, a great visit would be Elizabeth Castle set on a rugged islet and built in the 16th century. Both Sir Walter Raleigh and Charles II have lived there and you can look around the castle and bunkers. There is also a hermitage at the site dating to the 6th century. In the Jersey War Tunnels located in Saint Lawrence in Jersey, you can see exhibits detailing life and hardships during the German occupation of the Islands and it has many artefacts on display.

In St. Martin, in the east of the island, is Mont Orgueil Castle which is a fascinating visit with lots of intriguing exhibits and statues. You can look around the interesting rooms, cellars and staircases in the castle, and climb up the towers. Samares Manor is an elegant building originating from the Norman period. The house has wonderful gardens that include Japanese, exotic and herb gardens, ponds and various attractive features. The gardens are awash with beautiful colourful flowers and make an enjoyable visit.

The Jersey Landscape

In Grouville is the site of La Hougue Bie which is a Neolithic passage grave, together with a chapel built in medieval times. Visitors can go into the chamber to fully appreciate this special ancient place. At the site is a museum displaying interesting collections which include weapons and tools and you can spend time enjoying the lovely, quiet area around the site. At the Jersey Wetland Centre, which is in St. Ouen, there is a nature reserve that you can view through lots of special windows. You can have great view over the reserve from various levels, enabling you to watch the attractive area and all its nature while enabling the birds and all the wildlife to go about their business without any disruption. The birds you can watch around the pond and reeds include many waders, ducks and geese.

Jersey Sea View With Rock Pools

There are lots of lovely beaches around Jersey, one of which is Beauport beach where there is a charming bay that is very popular. The sandy beach has cliffs around it and is a great spot to catch the sun. Another great beach in Jersey is Plemont Beach which is a very attractive cove where families can enjoy lots of rock pools when the tide is out. There are also caves to explore and cliffs all around the sandy cove. St. Ouen’s Bay has a very long and attractive, sandy beach with plenty of space for relaxing on the shore. It is a great place for surfers as there can be lots of big waves. Rozel Bay is a fishing port with a beach of white sand. There are great places where you can eat there and the area makes a lovely picturesque scene to enjoy while you relax on the beach.

Another great place is Portelet Bay which is a quiet and attractive area with a lovely sandy beach at the bottom of a steep set of steps. Located on a large rock in the bay’s centre is a 19th century martello tower and the bay is a lovely spot for relaxing and enjoying the surrounding scenery. You could also walk along Portelet Common on the cliffs, having wonderful across the bay and sea giving. The area is rich in heathland, gorse and grasses and many species of plants, and among the birds around the Common are kestrels, oystercatchers and warblers. The common is a lovely area for enjoying the nature, landscape and great views as well as taking in the fresh air.

Jersey Cuisine

Traditional dishes eaten in Jersey include cabbage loaf, which is bread that is baked with the leaves of cabbages around it, and bean crock which is a stew made with beans and pork. Seafood and fish is commonly eaten in Jersey, being an island, and popular seafood includes oysters, mussels, crabs and lobster, along with ormers which are molluscs. Jersey Royal potatoes are popular and can be enjoyed with butter after being boiled or can be fried.

Popular desserts include Jersey wonders which are very traditional on the island. They are similar to doughnuts, and can also be enjoyed cooked in milk. Apple dumplings are also popular, as is black butter which is made from cider and apples. Also common on the island are vraic buns which have raisins. Popular alcoholic drinks consumed in Jersey include cider, wine and apple brandy and non-alcoholic favourites are coffee and tea.

From relaxing on a sandy beach to exploring old castles, and from looking around fascinating museums to enjoying beautiful gardens, visiting the island of Jersey will always be a great experience.

Capital: Saint Helier
Currency: Jersey pound or Pound sterling
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Left
Time Zones: UTC +0