Riga Car Hire

Riga Car Hire

In the City of Riga, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of interesting Museums, and see many attractive Art Nouveau buildings and delightful parks.

Riga Car Hire

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Among the places to visit during your stay, here are a few suggestions:

National History Museum of Latvia

Situated in Riga Castle, visitors can see a broad range of collections at this National History Museum established in the second half of the 19th century. Among the collections you can view are archaeological objects such as Stone Age, Iron Age and medieval artefacts, Latvian ethnological objects dating from the 1700’s to the 1900’s such as musical instruments, ceramics and costumes, historical items dating from the 1300’s such as maps, textiles and paintings and also collections of coins and medals.

Museum of the History of Riga and Navigation

This Museum presents the history and culture of the City from its early development to present, along with the maritime history of the Country. Among the collections are archaeological artefacts dating back to 6000BC, and historical objects from the 1300’s onwards, including ceramics, textiles, furniture, tools, jewellery, costumes, paintings and sculptures and there is also a collection that includes coins and medals. Among the maritime exhibits are ship models, shipbuilding equipment, navigational items and charts.

Nativity Cathedral

This Cathedral was built in the second half of the 19th century and designed by Nikolai Chagin. It is constructed in an attractive Neo-Byzantine style with elegant domes, and inside you can see many beautiful icons.

Latvian Ethnographic Open Air Museum

Located by Lake Jugla, this is an interesting Open Air Museum to visit where you can see many reconstructed buildings from around the country, which portray rural life of a number of different Latvian ethnic groups. Among the buildings are village houses, farmsteads, churches, windmills, along with many other objects. At the Museum visitors can also enjoy events such as craft fairs and folk music.

Riga Zoo

This is a lovely place to visit for an enjoyable for all ages, with many different animals to see. Among the animals here are giraffes, tigers, wolves, bears, lemurs, seals and kangaroos and the birds include owls, flamingos, pelicans and peacocks.

Vermanes Garden

This is a delightful Garden in the City with quiet open space, trees and flowers. As well as the attractive surroundings, there are a number of other features to enjoy in the Gardens such as a pond with a splendid fountain, a number of sculptures and a children’s play area.

Latvian Museum of Natural History

At this Natural History Museum, visitors can see a wide range of interesting collections relating to the natural world. Among the exhibits here are birds and mammals of Latvia and mammals of the wider world, displays relating to human evolution, and a range of fossils, minerals and plants.

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