Romania Car Hire

Romania Car Hire

Romania is country where you will find a great diversity, with plenty of historical buildings of interest and traditional culture together with a vibrant, modern life, and a beautiful landscape to explore.

Romania Car Hire

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Romanian Arts and Architecture

Bucharest, the Capital City of Romania, is a diverse and lively place with a blend of old and new. Visitors to the city will see interesting historical sights, along with lots of modern shops, offices and hotels. Much of the city was unfortunately destroyed by Nicolae Ceausescu to make way for his new buildings and Palace but there are still historical buildings to be seen in Bucharest’s historic quarter. Down the little cobbled streets here you can seen buildings such as 16th century Old Court Church where the Wallachian royals were crowned, and the 18th century Stavropoleos Church with its impressive architecture and colourful and intricate interior. Also in the city is the 17th century grand Patriarchal Cathedral with its decorative exterior and columns. You can see the 20th century Triumphal Arch in the city and well worth a visit is the giant Palace of Parliament built by Ceausescu with its huge amount of rooms and you can have a tour of parts of the building with a great view from the balcony.

There are many museums in Bucharest and they include the National History Museum where you can see collections relating to the history of Romania from pre-history to present times, and the Bucharest History Museum which is in the 19th century Sutu Palace and displays the history of Bucharest from 14th century onwards. At the Old Court Museum you can see the remains of the Wallachian royal palace and in the National Museum of Contemporary Art in the Palace of Parliament you can see exhibitions of new Romanian art.

Saint Michaels Church In Cluj Napoca And King Matthias Corvin Statue

You could go to a performance by the George Enescu Philharmonic Orchestra in the superb Neo-classical building of the 19th century Roman Atheneum concert hall with its decorative interior. Bucharest is a great place for shopping with modern shopping centres around the city, and you can also find a range of stylish cafes, restaurants and bars with a vibrant nightlife to be had. Bucharest is home to a range of festivals, especially in the summer, and they include arts and crafts, opera and film festivals.

The city of Cluj-Napoca in the Transylvania region of Romania has interesting places to visit, together with lovely natural surroundings of valleys, mountains, hills and plains. Historical buildings to see in the city include the 14th century St. Michael’s Church with its Gothic architecture and tall tower. There is also the Orthodox Cathedral which blends Byzantine and Renaissance style and you can also visit the 18th century Baroque Transfiguration Cathedral. In the city are grand buildings of interest such as several palaces and a range of architectural styles that include Gothic, Baroque and Neo-classical.

In Cluj-Napoca you can go to a performance at one of the theatres in the city or visit any of the interesting museums or galleries. Among the museums are the National Museum of Transylvanian History with collections from pre-history to present, and the National Museum of Art which is in an elegant Baroque palace and has exhibits of both Romanian and international artists.

Cluj-Napoca is home to various festivals which include film and various types of music such as classical, opera and pop. There are some lovely parks in the city, including Central Park which is the biggest and has a lake and island there and in the Botanical garden you can admire plants and flowers and relax in the attractive surroundings. There is a diverse range of cafes and restaurants, along with bars and clubs for a lively evening out.

The Romanian Landscape

The Ceahlau National Park in the Eastern Carpathians in Romania is a beautiful area with landscapes of mountains, lakes and forests and the Ceahlau Massif is great to explore with the high peaks of Ocolasul Mare and Toaca. It is a superb area for hiking with several trails to follow while you enjoy the outstanding beauty of the region, and in the resort of Durau you can go skiing on the slopes. One of the features in this National Park is the Duruitoarea waterfall with its tall cascades of water thundering down and providing a lovely sight.

Carpathian Mountains Pass Romania

Also in the Park you can see the Dochia rock formations and their interesting shapes. You can explore the forests of the Park along with the picturesque lakes and rivers. The wildlife is abundant here and you can see many bird species in Ceahlau such as capercaillie and woodpecker. Among the animals that live in the region are wolves, lynx, brown bear, elk and goat.

The Danube Delta is a vast region of rivers, streams, marshes, lagoons and dunes and is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There is a huge abundance of natural wildlife along the delta which include many bird species such as swans, coots, ducks, herons, cormorants and pelicans and fish in the waters include pike, carp and sturgeon. Animals that live around the Danube Delta include mink, otter and wild boar. The plant life along the delta is plentiful with reeds and many types of plants all around, and trees along the banks include willow and poplar. You can go and walk in the relaxing natural surroundings, fish or watch the fascinating wildlife.

Romanian Cuisine

Some popular Romanian dishes include ciorba which is a sour soup that can have a variety of ingredients such as meatballs, vegetables, chicken or mushroom. Sarmale are cabbage leaves filled with minced meat and rice and mamaliga is a maize porridge which can be eaten with sour cream or cheese. Meatballs are very popular as are mititei which are spicy mixed meat rolls. Other commonly eaten dishes include papricas which is a type of stew with paprika and various meats such as chicken, and pastrami which is a spicy cold meat such as beef or pork. Also common is tochitura which is a pork and beef stew with tomato sauce and pilaf which is a rice dish which can have meat or vegetables. Popular desserts in Romania include gogosi which are doughnuts that can have a filling of various jams or chocolate and pancakes which again can have a choice of filling such as jam. Placinta is also common and is a pastry with a filling of apples or cheese. Popular alcoholic drinks in Romania are wine, beer and plum brandy and non-alcoholic favourites include compot which is boiled fruits.

From hiking in the Carpathian mountains to looking around interesting city museums, and from exploring the wildlife in the Danube Delta to to enjoying a lively Transylvanian musical festival, you will always have a enjoyable time in Romania.

Capital: Bucharest
Currency: Romanian Leu
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +2