Valletta Car Hire

Valletta Car Hire

In Valletta, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can see beautiful historic buildings including Palaces and churches, along with a number of Museums housing fascinating artefacts and art works.

Valletta Car Hire

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A selection of places to visit in the City are as follows:

St. John’s Co-Cathedral

This Cathedral was built in the 16th century by the Knights of Malta and has an imposing fortress like facade with two towers, and inside the Cathedral you can see highly decorative Baroque features. The vaulted ceiling and altars at the side have beautiful paintings by Mattia Preti, and there is ornate carving on the walls. It has a marble floor where the tombs of many of the Knights are buried, and a crypt where a number of Grand Masters of the Order rest. There are a number of lovely chapels in the Cathedral, built in honour of the patron saints of the Knights, and in the Cathedral you can see the Caravaggio painting, ‘The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist’ painted in the early 17th century. There is also a Museum where you can see a number of works including paintings and tapestries.

Casa Rocca Piccola

This is a historic Palace built by Admiral Don Pietro la Rocca in the 1500’s and is the de Piro family home, and you can visit the house and see many rooms with fine decor and beautiful antique furniture. There are many lovely collections of paintings and silverware, and visitors can also see the interesting Second World War Air Raid Shelters at the property.

National Museum of Fine Arts

Situated in an elegant 18th century Rococo style building, this Museum has a collection of Maltese and international fine arts ranging from from the Medieval period to present day. Among the exhibits are Maltese silverware, furniture, and sculptures, and the collection of paintings include works by J M W Turner and many works by Baroque artist Mattia Preti.

National Museum of Archaeology

This Museum is situated in a 16th century Baroque building with a beautiful interior, and houses fascinating archaeological exhibits dating from 5000BC to 400BC. Among the collections in the Museum are pottery, tools, figurines, weapons and altars.

The Palace State Rooms and Armoury

This Palace was originally constructed in the 1500’s for the Grand Master of the Order of St John, was subsequently enlarged and modified and is now the seat of the President of Malta. You can visit the State Rooms of this grand building and see features such as the beautiful 18th century tapestries, historic portraits of rulers of Malta, and lovely ceiling and wall paintings. You can also visit the Armoury to see an impressive collection of armour and weapons dating from the era of the Knights of Malta.

The Manoel Theatre

This is an historic Theatre built in 1732 and commissioned by Fra Antonio Manoel de Vilhena, who was the Grand Master of the Knights of Malta. You can have a tour around the Theatre and learn about its history, and see the interesting Museum. The Baroque auditorium is beautiful with lovely painted ceiling and excellent acoustics, and the Theatre is host to performances such as classical concerts, operas and recitals.

Upper and Lower Barrakka Gardens

These public Gardens are a lovely place to come and enjoy the tranquil settings and attractive features. The Upper Barrakka Gardens have a number of memorials in honour of notable people, including Sir Winston Churchill, and along the terrace there are elegant 17th century arches. From the Gardens you can have great views across the Grand Harbour and surrounding area. The Lower Barrakka Gardens has monuments including a memorial to the Great Siege of Malta, and has an attractive temple folly along with a pond and fountain.

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