Bosnia Car Hire

Bosnia Car Hire

In Bosnia is a very diverse and interesting country that blends old with new. You can visit the beautiful mosques, churches, cathedrals, bazaars and bridges and explore the varied landscape of lakes, rivers, mountains and forests.

Bosnia Car Hire

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Bosnian Arts and Architecture

Sarajevo the capital of Bosnia, is a very cosmopolitan city with a mixture of east and west. In the old Bascarsija area you can walk down the streets of cobblestone and see many interesting sights and a diverse collection of religious buildings. These include buildings from the Ottoman period such as impressive mosques which include the Gazi Husrev Beg Mosque with its Ottoman architecture and is a superb building, and the 15th century Ottoman Emperor’s Mosque with its attractive interior decoration. The Serbian Orthodox Cathedral built in the 19th century with its Baroque architecture is also a lovely building in the city with its attractive towers and domes. Also to be seen in the city is the Morica Han, which is an old Ottoman inn and is Sarjevo’s only remaining han, with much of it reconstructed after a fire.

Mostar Old Bridge

You can visit any of the Museums or galleries during your stay, including the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina where you can see a precious illuminated manuscript along with many artefacts from the history of the country. The Brusa Bezistan is a 16th century old Ottoman bazaar which is now home to one of the sections of the Sarajevo Museum. Here you can see many collections dating from pre-history to present and includes ancient artefacts, medieval, Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian collections.

There are several theatres you can visit to see a performance, including the Sarajevo National Theatre, or you can walk along beside the Miljacka River which is a lovely sight in the City. There are many modern buildings and shopping centres in Sarajevo, together with lots of cafes, kebab houses and different restaurants, and the people of Sarajevo are very friendly and will always give you a warm welcome.

The City of Mostar is full of interesting sights and in the Old Town, along the little winding cobbled streets, you can see attractive buildings and structures such as the lovely and very popular Old Bridge, which was rebuilt in Ottoman style across the river after it was destroyed in the Bosnian war, and is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. By the bridge is the Old Bridge Museum showing the bridge’s history and from where you can great views. The 17th century Koski Mehmed Pasha Mosque is is one of the mosques you can visit in Mostar with its lovely interior and superb views across the city from the minaret. There is the Ottoman Muslibegovic House built in the 18th century which is also a museum, and you can view the elegant rooms and art works there. The Neretva River in Mostar is a lovely sight with its beautiful shade of blue.

The Bosnian Landscape

The Sutjeska National Park in Bosnia is a beautiful region in the country where you can see dense forests, mountains and lakes. In the Perucica Forest Reserve in the Park is the precious primeval forest with dense areas of pine, spruce and beech trees. Maglic Mountain here is the tallest mountain in Bosnia which you can climb, along with Zelengora mountain with its plateaus covered in trees and look over the wonderful views across the region. There are scenic meadows, pastures and valleys in the Park, along creeks and canyons. There are wondeful lakes and rivers here and you can relax by the waters or go rafting in rivers such as the Tara River.

Bosnian Lake And Mountains

Also in the Park are waterfalls, such as very tall Skakavac Waterfall, cascading down from a creek in the forest, and the Sutjeska River has an imposing rocky canyon. Visitors can also enjoy the wildlife in the region which include animals such as chamois, bears, wolves, goats and boar and birds include golden eagle and peregrine falcon.

In the Una National Park are the scenic Una River and Unac River with their clear blue waters, together with impressive canyons, creeks and forests. There are also magnificent waterfalls in the region, including Martin Brod Waterfalls which are are very popular with people who like to go kayaking, and the beautiful Strbacki Buk Waterfall with its lovely cascades. All around the region there are places where you can fish, raft and kayak in the clean waters. You can also hike or bike around the lovely Park enjoying the beautiful natural surroundings there. There is much wildlife to be seen around the Park with animals such as wolves, bears and chamois and areas of lush forests to explore.

Bosnian Cuisine

Common Bosnian dishes include cevapi which are kebabs with beef and lamb, onions and sour cream eaten in pita bread, and dolma which are grape leaves and rice. Burek is pastry with a meat filling which is rolled and sliced up and sarma is cabbage leaves that have been pickled and rolled with rice and meat. Also popular is Bey’s soup which is a meat and vegetable soup and pljeskavica which is a meat patty.

Goulash is common in Bosnia as is cufte which are meatballs, and also musaka made with potatoes layered with minced beef. Pasulj is made with beans and smoked meat which can be sausage or bacon. Spicy sausages are also a popular food in Bosnia.

Popular desserts enjoyed in Bosnia include baklava, being pastry filled with nuts and honey, krofna which are doughnuts with a filling of jam or chocolate, palacika which are crepes, krempita which is a cake with custard cream and puff pastry. Sampita is made with marshmallow and pastry crust and sutlijas is rice pudding. Popular drinks in Bosnia include wine and rakija which is a fruit brandy and non-alcoholic drinks include kompot which are boiled fruits.

Whether you are white water rafting in the rivers, climbing a mountain, or touring the museums and mosques, visiting Bosnia will always be an interesting and enjoyable experience.

Capital: Sarajevo
Currency: Mark
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1