Bulgaria Car Hire

Bulgaria Car Hire

Bulgaria is a diverse country where you can see ancient ruins, splendid Orthodox churches and beautiful natural landscapes of forests, mountains and lakes.

Bulgaria Car Hire

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Bulgarian Arts and Architecture

In the lively Capital City of Bulgaria, Sofia, you can see many places of interest such as the the Alexandar Nevsky Cathedral with its Neo-Byzantine architecture which is a magnificent building with its splendid domes and bell tower and has many Eastern Orthodox icons on display. The medieval Boyana Church is a fascinating visit and this Orthodox church is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site with its ornate ceramic decor on the exterior walls and its many beautiful frescos. There are many interesting museums in Sofia which include the National Historical Museum with its large collections of artefacts from pre-history to present, the National Gallery of Foreign Art with collections from around the world, including paintings by artists such as Durer and Rodin, and the National Art Gallery with many Bulgarian works in a splendid building.

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral in Sofia

You could go to a fine performance at the National Opera and Ballet or one of the theatres including the Ivan Vazov National Theatre. There are many festivals throughout the year in Sofia, such as film, art, design jazz, rock, folk, dance and the National Palace of Culture holds many events, concerts and exhibitions. There are plenty of places for shopping in Sofia and in Vitosha Boulevard there are many stylish boutiques and fine restaurants and cafes.

Plovdiv is a vibrant city with a great mixture of old and new, and many ancient sites of interest. The Old Town has many 19th century features and and you can walk down little streets of cobblestones and look at the interesting historical buildings, including Bulgarian Renaissance and Byzantine styles. There are many fascinating Roman remains in Plovdiv and among them is the ancient Roman theatre from the reign of the Emperor Trajan, and where plays and concerts are still held. Also there is the ancient Roman stadium of Philippopolis which was built during Emperor Hadrian’s reign, along with other interesting archaeological sites. Among the other historical buildings in Plovidiv is the Sephardic Plovdiv Synagogue built in the 19th century in Ottoman style architecture which has a lovely colourful, decorative interior.

There are various museums and galleries is Plovdiv which include The City Art Gallery which houses many works of art and the Regional Ethnographic Museum which has large interesting collections including furniture, farming, clothing and art, all housed in an attractive 19th century building. Plovdiv has lots of places for shopping, and there are many good restaurants and cafes to eat and drink in around the city, along with bars for a lively nightlife.

The Bulgarian Landscape

The Pirin National Park is a region with wonderful natural landscapes where you can see the Pirin mountains, with the Vihren Mountain being the highest. The Park is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there are two nature reserves there. You can explore the beautiful landscapes in the area and follow the many trails through the lush, dense forests of trees such as fir and Macedonian pine. There are numerous glacial lakes with their crystal clear waters and there are also natural springs and cascading waterfalls to be seen in the region.

Roman Ruins in Plovdiv

The park has lovely landscapes with pretty meadows and valleys and is abundant in natural wildlife. There are numerous species of plants and flowers all around the area, which include the pretty mountain flower edelweiss. Animals that live in the park area include brown bears, deer, grey wolves, and chamois and among the many birds there are eagles, owls and hawks. Visitors can hike around the park admiring the outstanding beauty of the landscapes and also go skiing at the resort of Bansko in the region.

The Golden Sands Nature Park on the coast of the Black Sea is an area of lovely forests and meadows and you can hike or cycle around the park and enjoy the scenic natural surroundings and nature and admire the great views of the sea. Within the park are abundant thick, green forests with trees that include pine, fir, oak, ash, elm and poplar, and there are many diverse and rare plants growing around the park which include lilac, jasmine, orchids and iris. Also in the park area are many birds such as tawny owls, eagle owls and moorhens and some of the animals that live in the park area are wild boar and red and roe deer. You can visit the popular medieval Aladzha cave monastery that was built into the karst rocks and has different levels. The Monastery complex is a fascinating visit and includes a chapel, refectory and crypt and nearby are the catacombs.

Bulgarian Cuisine

Soups are common in Bulgarian cuisine and made with a variety of ingredients such as tomato, beans, chicken and mushroom and a popular soup is tarator which is made with yoghurt, walnuts, garlic and cucumber. Cold cuts of meat are popular and they include lukanka which is a pork salami and sujuk which is a spicy beef sausage. Various stews are common dishes in Bulgaria and include gyuvech which is made with meat such as pork or chicken together with tomatoes, olives and mushrooms, and yahni which is a meat or vegetable stew with onions, sunflower oil and tomatoes. Meatballs are a common dish and can be made with various meats and spices. Banitsa is another popular dish and is a layered pastry with cheese and whisked eggs.

Bulgarian desserts include garash which is a chocolate cake made with walnuts and baklava which is a layered pastry with honey and chopped nuts. The most common alcoholic drinks in Bulgaria are wine, rakia which is a fruit brandy and beer and non-alcoholic drinks include buttermilk, yoghurt and herbal tea.

Visiting Bulgaria will always be a pleasurable experience, whether you are looking around ancient Roman ruins and medieval cave monasteries or exploring glorious, green forests with their abundant wildlife and sparkling, blue lakes.

Capital: Sofia
Currency: Lev
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +2