Chisinau Car Hire

Chisinau Car Hire

On a trip to Chisinau, visitors can see historical churches and monuments, fascinating Museums and attractive parks.

Chisinau Car Hire

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Some places you could visit in the City might include the following:

The Nativity Cathedral

This Moldovan Orthodox Cathedral was constructed in the first half of the 19th century by Abram Melnikov. It is an elegant building in Neo-Classical architectural style with Doric columns and a pediment, along with a tall dome, and the interior has beautiful bright icons and paintings on the walls.

National Museum of History of Moldova

Visitors to this Museum can see a broad range of collections, which includes Neolithic finds, ancient coins, weapons and armoury, historic books, textiles such as national costumes and military uniforms, household items, timepieces, stamps, icons and paintings, ceramics and furniture.

National Museum of Ethnography and Natural History

Here you can see an interesting and varied collection of ethnographical and natural exhibits. Visitors can view an exhibition displaying the evolution of humans and their relationship with nature, and other exhibits include fossils, stuffed animals and animal skeletons, as well as a Deinotherium Gigantissimum skeleton dating back 7 million years. There are also costumes, jewellery, coins, carpets and textiles including silk and lace embroidery, and you can also see the Botanical Garden with a wide variety of plants and trees and where you can see rare birds, fish and reptiles.

Stephen the Great Park

You can visit this popular Park in the City with attractive alleys of trees to walk through, and colourful flower beds. There are a number fountains in the Park including the beautiful central fountain with many spouts, and you can also see a variety of sculptures, including the Alexander Pushkin statue and the Alley of Classics which is a number of busts of prominent authors of Moldova and Romania.

National Museum of Fine Arts

This Museum houses a wide collection of fine art which includes both national and foreign art. The collection includes paintings from the 1400’s to the 1900’s, including Italian and Northern Renaissance works, and Romantic works. Other objects include sculptures as well as decorative arts such as embroidered items, vases, tapestries and porcelain pieces.

Triumphal Arch

This Triumphal Arch was constructed in the mid 19th century in celebration of the Russian Empire’s triumph over the Ottoman Empire, and is a distinctive landmark in Chisinau. The monument is in a classical style and has elegant Corinthian columns with decorative capitals, and a large clock face.

Stephen the Great Monument

Located by Stephen the Great Park, this monument to Stephen the Great was built in the first half of the 20th century and designed by Alexandru Plamadeala. It is an impressive sculpture, cast in bronze and depicts Stephen the Great holding up a cross and standing on a tall, stone pedestal.

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