Czech Republic Car Hire

Czech Republic Car Hire

The Czech Republic is a fascinating country to visit, with its diverse and attractive landscape and cities and towns full rich history and culture.

Czech Republic Car Hire

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Czech Arts and Architecture

Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic, is rich in beautiful historical buildings. In the Hradcany area you can visit the castle, in which stands the Basilica of St George with its 17th Baroque facade. It is now home to the Bohemian Art Collection. Visitors can see the impressive Gothic architecture of St. Vitus’ Cathedral which was founded in the 14th century.
Other historical buildings in Prague include several palaces such as the Old Royal Palace and the Sternberg Palace with its collection of Art including works by Rubens. Strahov Monastery has a fascinating library, showing items including illuminated manuscripts.

Astronomical Clock In Prague

The Royal Gardens near the castle can be seen with their flowers, fountains and sculptures together with good views over parts of the city. You can visit Municipal House with its Art Nouveau style where there is a concert hall together with a cafe and restaurant and you can admire the Mucha art. The Old Town, Stare Mestro, has lots of little streets and alleyways and the Old Town Square dates back to the 11th century where there is a fascinating medieval Astronomical Clock in use together with the Gothic Tyn Church. The Charles Bridge over the Vltava River dates back to 1357 and has impressive Gothic towers and statues in the Baroque style.

Josefov is the former Jewish area in Prague and is a varied place with lots of little cobbled streets along with a modern shopping area. The Old Jewish Cemetery is here, together with buildings including the Pinkas Synagogue and Jewish Town Hall, all of which are now part of the Jewish Museum in Prague. There are many modern restaurants and bars in Prague, together with more charming and traditional places to eat and drink. The Vinohrady area has superb restaurants together trendy cafes and bars.

The Czech Landscape

South Bohemia is home to the Bohemian Forest, Sumava. The area has huge areas of dense forests covering mountains and clear, glistening lakes and peat lands. The region is a National Park and you can explore the area and enjoy the amazing landscapes and nature of the area, where you can see wild animals and birds in their natural habitat. Much of the mountain area is covered in trees and there are meadows of flowers, glacial lakes and rivers including the Vltava River, and the Vydra River with its otters. You can see the glacial lakes and there are many marked paths for walking, together with guided tours of the areas in the region.

View Over Prague

The Moravian Karst near Brno is a fascinating large area full of caverns and gorges. You can have guided tours around several of the caves, including the Balcarka Cave and the Punkva Caves which have a river underground. The geological sites you can see include the Macocha Abyss which is nearly 140m deep. The Katerinska jeskyne caves have pillars of limestone and in the Balcarka Cave you can see lots of stalactites and stalagmites. You also see the valleys of Pusty zleb and suchy zleb and there are marked trails for walking, cycling and riding in the area and admiring the scenery.

The Krkonose mountain range are the highest in the Czech Republic. In this beautiful region there glacial cirques, ridges, pretty meadows, valleys and waterfalls. Mount Snezka is the highest mountain in the Krkonose range. There are many marked trails for cycling and walking and you can also go climbing in the area. Orbi dul is a glacial valley with amazing views of Mount Studnicni and you can take a cable car ride up Mount Cerna hora. There is abundant plant life to see on the meadows and peat bogs. You can also admire the many waterfalls in the region. The Mumlava waterfalls are impressive together with the Pancavsky waterfall which falls around 100 metres from the Pancavska Meadow down to the Elbe Valley.

Czech Cuisine

Popular dishes in the Czech Republic are dumplings which can be made from wheat or potatoes and are eaten commonly with meals. Potato dumplings are popular with a smoked meat filling and eaten with sour cabbage and spinach. Soup is popular and include chicken, beef or vegetable and can be served with dumplings. Pork is the most popular meat eaten in the Czech Republic and a national dish is roasted pork and dumplings together with cabbage. Other popular dishes include Gulas which is either pork, beef or game and onions. Klobasa is a smoked spicy sausage and jelito is a pork sausage with blood and barley. Leco is a spicy stew with peppers, tomatoes and onions.

Popular poultry includes duck, turkey, chicken, goose and pheasant. Kure na paprice is stewed chicken together paprika, cream and onions. Krocan peceny is turkey covered in bacon and butter. Popular fish are sardines, salmon and tuna. Common cheeses include Niva and nakladany hermelin cheese is soft, with onions and peppers. Popular desserts eaten in the Czech Republic include strudl which can have apples with raisins, coconut and walnuts or a savoury variety would might have meat or cabbage. Krupicova is semolina porridge together with either honey and cinnamon, butter with cocoa or apples.

Kolache is a pastry made with yeast had filled with either poppyseed, fruit or curd. Fruit dumplings are also popular and usually made with apricots, plums or strawberries. The dough is made from potato and the dumplings are eaten with cream or butter. Palacinky are pancakes with jam or marmalade and rolled. Makovec is a sponge cake that has crushed poppy seeds in it. Popular alcoholic drinks in the Czech Republic are beer, wine and fruit brandies and a favourite non-alcoholic drink is kofola.

Whether you’re touring the interesting cities with their impressive historical buildings or exploring the beautiful countryside, a visit to the Czech Republic is bound to be a memorable experience.

Capital: Prague
Currency: Czech Koruna (CZK)
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1