Denmark Car Hire

Denmark Car Hire

In a visit to Denmark you can explore the interesting cities with their lively cafe culture and nightlife, explore the vast sandy beaches or enjoy the tasty cuisine of the country.

Denmark Car Hire

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Danish Arts and Architecture

Copenhagen, the Capital of Denmark, is an interesting city with districts that all differ in character. The Indre By, the inner city, is the biggest square in the City and great for shopping, whether you want department stores or more unusual little shops. You can see the Round Tower (Rundetaarn), which was completed in 1642 as an observatory. You can admire the views from the top of the tower and the sky at night through the telescope. The medieval city in Indre By has many old buildings, and little streets with charismatic shops and bars. Slotsholmen, to the south, is home to the magnificent Christiansborg Palace with its Classical and Baroque architecture.

The Mermaid Of Copenhagen

Christianshavn is to the east of Indre By and has lots trendy cafes, bars and restaurants, along charming canals and bridges, with lots of colourful houses, from the 18th and 19th centuries. The district of Frederiksstaden is where you can see the Amalienborg palaces and the great marble dome of the Marmorkirken church. Tivoli is a famous place to visit in Copenhagen, with varied landscaped gardens, open air concerts and a fairground with roller coasters. During the summer it is lit up spectacularly for a wonderful sight.

Vesterbro is north east of the inner city and a diverse area. It has many different bars, restaurants and shops and you can visit the Kobenhavns Bymuseum with collections relating to the history of the Copenhagen, with its elegant hall where classical concerts are held.

The City of Odense dates back over a thousand years and is Denmark’s third biggest city, located in the island of Funen. It is a very charming city and at its centre there are lots of medieval houses with little cobbled streets and is by the River Odense A.

Hans Christian Andersen, famous for his fairy tales, was born in the city is 1805 and lived there as a child. The house where he was born, together with his childhood home are both museums with artefacts relating to his life. There is a statue of him in the Fairy Tale Park, sculpted in 1888, together with many statues around the city of various characters from his stories, including the Little Mermaid, Steadfast Tin Soldier, The Wild Swans and the Chimney Sweep.

The Renaissance Montergarden Museum houses artefacts showing the history of the Vikings in the area of Odense, together with together with the ancient history of Funen, Odense, through the Middle Ages and its Renaissance history. St. Canute’s Cathedral, was built in the 13th century in the Gothic style and other churches include St. John’s and its monastery and St. Mary’s. Odense has a large variety of shops catering for all different tastes. The nightlife in Odense is very lively with many varied bars, cafes and restaurants together with lots of live music.

The Danish Landscape

The region of North Jutland has many attractive coastal areas to explore. The area of Slettestrand in North Jutland has very wide sandy beaches with dunes along it. Around the area are heathland and woods together with meadows and you can walk along the marked routes and see deer, and up on the high paths you will have views of the North Sea.

Sunset Over The Fjords

The valley of Fosdalen together with its stream is very scenic. Gronhoj has a lovely beach with rows of dunes and is by a landscape of woods, forests, moors and meadows where you can walk or cycle to explore the area.

The beach is broad and sandy and the big dunes covered in lyme grass. Saltum Strand also has a great beach with dunes with woods in the surrounding landscape. It is another broad, sandy beach and activities you can take part in. The hilly nearby area is very attractive and you can enjoy the nature along the tracks in the Lille Norge Nature Reserve carrying on to the North Sea and gives you wonderful views. Nearby is Farup Sommerland where there are shops and any facilities you need.

The Wadden Sea National Park in southern Denmark has a vast stretch of mud and sand flats and is famous for the huge number of migratory birds in the region, which number over 10 million. In Spring and Autumn the migration of the huge groups of swirling starlings is amazing to see and is the sight is often called the “Black Sun” in Denmark. There are also many other birds to see in the area, including sandpipers, barnacle geese, plovers, oystercatchers and ducks. You can tour the area with a guide who will show you the migratory sights during spring and autumn, or go oyster picking between October and April. There are also seal tours in the area. The Sea has the most common seals in all of Denmark, together with some grey seals. When the tide is out you can have a tour on the seabed to the island of Mando.

Danish Cuisine

Fish is very popular in Denmark, being a coastal country, and favourites include herring, cod, shrimps, salmon and eel. Favourite meats are pork, beef and chicken. Popular traditional dishes in Denmark include dumplings in curry which are pork meatballs with curried sauce on rice with salad.

Gammeldags kylling is another dish which is chicken cooked in a pan, with potatoes and a brown sauce, together with a compote of rhubarb. Also very popular are frikadeller which are pork meatballs fried with spices, and hakkebof, which is a ground steak of beef. Fried herrings are also liked, herrings are very popular in Denmark and can be eaten in different ways including smoked or pickled. Fried slices of pork together with apple, bacon and onion is also common, and also medisterpolse which is a spicy pork sausage. Aeggekage (egg cake) is like omelette with tomatoes and bacon.

Smorrebrod are very common in Denmark and they are open sandwiches made with rye bread and butter and can be filled with cold meat, sausages, fish or cheese. Popular smorrebrod varieties include rye bread with liver pate, beef, and meat jelly together with cress and onion rings, and rye bread with sliced roast pork, red cabbage and orange.

Popular desserts include apple charlotte which is stewed apples with breadcrumbs that are roasted in butter and with whipped cream. Karamelrand is an egg and cream custard with a caramel flavouring and is ring shaped and served with caramel sauce. Danish pastry is well known and is enjoyed all over Denmark and includes kringle, which is pretzel shaped. Popular alcoholic drinks include Akvavit, beer and bitters.

In Denmark your trip will an enjoyable experience, whether exploring old towns and villages, historical sites or enjoying great live music in one of the many vibrant bars.

Capital: Copenhagen
Currency: Danish Krone
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1