Estonia Car Hire

Estonia Car Hire

In Estonia you can see cities full of fascinating historical sites and buildings, interesting museums and a lively culture, and explore the picturesque landscapes of the country with its forests, lakes, valleys and lovely coasts.

Estonia Car Hire

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Estonian Arts and Architecture

Tallinn, the capital city of Estonia, is an energetic city with a great blend of old and new. There are elegant palaces and churches together with modern shopping centres. The Old Town of Tallinn is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has most of its medieval walls remaining. There are impressive medieval towers to see around the city, including Hellemann Tower, which was built in the 14th century, and which you can climb and see great views from the city wall at the top. Other medieval towers in the city include the Kiek in de Kok where there is also a museum showing weaponry and life in medieval times. The grand Alexander Nevsky Cathedral on the Toompea hill is an impressive building built in the late 19th century with its onion dome. St. Mary’s Cathedral built in the 13th century on Toompea Hill is very attractive with its Gothic architecture. You can also see the imposing Toompea Castle overlooking the city which is now home to the Estonian Parliament, and another interesting visit in Tallinn would be a tour of the 17th century underground bastion tunnels.

Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

In the area of Kadriorg in Tallinn there is the grand Baroque Kadriorg Palace built in the 18th century for Peter the Great. The Palace has an impressive great hall which has beautiful stucco and paintings on the ceiling and is situated in lovely gardens and park with fountains. You can also go to Seaplane Harbour and see the fascinating maritime museum in the seaplane hangars there. You can see seaplane replicas and ships including an icebreaker and submarine, together with other military vehicles and also have a go on a flight simulator. There are lots of festivals that take place in Tallinn throughout the year and include, music such as jazz and classical, film and theatre. There are plenty of places for shopping in Tallinn and good restaurants and cafes where you can eat and drink, and the nightlife in Tallinn is very lively with lots of bars and clubs to enjoy.

Tartu is a energetic city with historical buildings and a modern culture. There is the elegant University in the city with its splendid Neoclassical architecture and St. John’s Church built in Gothic architecture in red brick has many figures of terracotta around its outside. Tartu Town Hall built in the 18th century is in a Neoclassical style together with Baroque and Rococo. You can also see the 13th century Gothic cathedral ruins with its red bricks and two towers, and from its viewing platforms you can have a great view of the city. You can also take a walk along beside the River Emajogi and enjoy the riverside views. There are lots of cafes and restaurants in Tartu, together with nightclubs and bars for a fun night out in the city.

The Estonian Landscape

The Lahemaa National Park on the north coast of Estonia has a very diverse range of lovely landscapes. You can explore the Park by walking, cycling or horse riding around the many trails in its beautiful scenery. There are dense forests of pine around the Park and the area is abundant in wildlife. Some of the animals live in the region include moose, lynx and brown bears and many different birds such as storks, swans and cranes.

Pirita River Tallinn

There are areas of wetlands and bogs and you can take a trail along the attractive Viru Bog. You can see lots of large boulders around the park which are interesting features, and the park has many lovely streams, rivers and lakes along with waterfalls. You can go along the coast in the Park and admire the stunning landscape of the peninsulas, bays and rocky coves, together with the beaches of sand and stone and take in the great of views and fresh coastal air.

Haanja Nature Park is a lovely region in the south east of Estonia. You can admire the scenic landscapes of the Park with its gentle picturesque hills and its lovely forests. You can enjoy the winding rivers and glistening lakes of the Park and relax by the waters. By the Oobikuoru Valley is the village of Rouge and there are several lakes by the valley which include Lake Suurjarv which is the deepest lake in Estonia. You can go up Suur Munamagi which is Estonia’s highest peak and enjoy the views of the lovely landscape from there.

Estonian Cuisine

Commonly foods eaten in Estonia include meat, especially pork, potatoes, dairy and rye bread. Black rye bread is popular in Estonia and is eaten with most dishes. Common as a first course would be rosolje which has potatoes, beetroot and herring. Herrings are very popular, as are flounder and sprats. Pirukad are pastry with a filling of meat and cabbage together with rice and carrots and can be eaten with bouillon.

A popular soup is leivasupp and is made with apples and black bread and often eaten with sour cream. Other popular dishes are silgusoust, which is sprats with bacon and sour cream, and stew of sauerkraut and pork with potatoes, as is Verivorst which is a type of black pudding. Mushrooms are common in Estonia cuisine and include chanterelles.

Popular desserts in Estonia include kissel which is a sweet fruit puree with a thickening starch often served with cream. The fruits can include raspberry, apple, strawberry and variations of kissel can be made with chocolate or oats. Popular drinks in Estonia include beer, kali and vodka and non-alcoholic drinks include various juices and also milk.

Whether you are exploring medieval churches, cathedrals or palaces, hiking around scenic valleys and lakes or enjoying a lively music festival you are sure to enjoy your visit to Estonia.

Capital: Tallinn
Currency: Euro
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +2