Gibraltar Car Hire

Gibraltar Car Hire

Gibraltar, in the Iberian Peninsula, is a place where you will find fascinating historical sites, picturesque bays, plenty of nature and wildlife and the famous natural landmark, the Rock of Gibraltar, with its outstanding views.

Gibraltar Car Hire

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Gibraltan Arts and Architecture

At the base of the Rock is the busy, lively city, and you will find Main Street full of shops, including many well known British names, pubs and hotels. Casemates Square, by Main Street, is a popular place where you can eat in any of the many cafes and restaurants, and there are plenty of bars for a lively nightlife. There are also cultural events, including concerts, held in the square and it has a enjoyable atmosphere.

The Rock of Gibraltar

You could walk up the Mediterranean Steps to the top of the Rock where you will have stunning views to make the climb worth the effort. Or you could have a ride in a cable car to the top for an easier way. From the top you can have great views, including Gibraltar’s busy city, the Strait of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. Visitors can see the Great Siege tunnels built into the Rock by British soldiers during Gibraltar’s Great Siege in the late 18th century. The tunnels are an amazing feat of strength, all dug by hand by the soldiers and make a great visit. You can also have a guided tour around the World War II tunnels, which were added to the Great Siege Tunnels to provide a fortress against attacks and a huge series of tunnels were made.

Gibraltar Museum is a fascinating visit with many exhibits to see. There are displays dating from the Rock’s archaeological history to the present. Artefacts include Neanderthal skulls and tools, and an Egyptian mummy. As part of the museum you can view the 14th century Moorish Baths, and there are displays regarding the the Great Siege and natural history artefacts. The Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned was rebuilt in the 18th century and is an elegant building with a lovely bell tower. The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, built in the 19th century in Moorish revival style, is a very attractive building with elegant arches. The Moorish Castle, a large fortification originally built in the 8th century on the Rock, and mostly rebuilt in medieval times, is very interesting with its towers, walls, battlements and gate house, and is an imposing and impressive construction.

The Gibraltan Landscape

The Rock of Gibraltar, the large limestone rock with imposing sheer cliffs, is a dramatic piece of landscape in the Mediterranean coast. The Upper Rock is also a nature reserve and Gibraltar is well known for the Barbary macaque monkeys who live there. The monkeys, which are Europe’s only monkeys that live in the wild, are great fun to watch and very popular with tourists and locals. In the Apes Den, you can watch them at close range as they go about their natural business and play around having fun. There are also many birds that you can see, including those that live around the area and those migrating between Europe and Africa and stop at Gibraltar on their way. Some of the many species you can observe include various eagles, buzzards, storks, vultures, shearwaters, falcons, owls, and Barbary partridges. In the waters you can see the lovely dolphins in the bay which are so much fun to watch, swimming and leaping out of the water, and you take a trip on a boat to see them up close.

Barbary Macaque monkeys in Gibraltar

You can visit fascinating caves of limestone that are inside the Rock and part of the Nature Reserve. St. Michael’s cave is the most popular cave and was home to Neolithic people, and you can look around the cave and its wonderful features which contain different chambers. One such chamber is Cathedral Cave which has great acoustics and has been used as a venue for drama and music. St. Michael’s cave has interesting formations to look at, and is lit well for visitors to appreciate the natural features at their best.

The Alameda Gardens at the base of the Rock has a lovely botanical garden with many attractive trees including pine, olive, various palms, oak and dragon trees and you can also admire the sub-tropical plants. There is also an open air theatre at the Gardens, where concerts and other events are held, together with an attractive pond with pretty lilies and a waterfall. Also here is the Alameda Wildlife and Conservation Park where you can view lovely animals such as otters, turtles, lizards, pot-bellied pigs and monkeys and also colourful tropical birds.

At the very south of Gibraltar is Europa Point, and from here, by the Strait of Gibraltar, you can see the Africa’s coast when the weather is clear. Here are also a number of fortifications to see, including the 19th century Harding’s Battery, and the 19th century Europa Point lighthouse is another interesting landmark to visit.

Gibraltan Cuisine

Some traditional dishes of Gibraltar include rosto which is pasta, tomato sauce, beef and mushrooms with grated cheese, and calentita which are similar to pancakes, with a chickpea flour. Other favourites are panissa which is a type of fried bread with olive oil. Other dishes are rolitos which are strips of beef rolled with breadcrumbs, eggs, olives and bacon, and spinach and feta cheese pie. Menestra is a vegetable casserole and chicken in garlic sauce is also common.

Favourite desserts enjoyed in Gibraltar include pan dulce which is a bread that is sweet and can have various ingredients such as nuts and dried fruit. Doughnuts are also also popular with a filling of cream custard and covered in syrup, and raisin frittas are also enjoyed with syrup. Popular alcoholic drinks in Gibraltar are beer and wine, and non-alcoholic drinks enjoyed include coffee and tea.

Whether you are exploring the Great Siege tunnels, having fun watching the Barbary macaque monkeys playing, or enjoying the wonderful views from the Rock, you will have an enjoyable time visiting Gibraltar.

Capital: Gibraltar
Currency: Gibraltar pound
Emergency Services: 112 or 999
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1