Guernsey Car Hire

Guernsey Car Hire

On the Island of Guernsey there are lots of interesting things to see and do, and many lovely surroundings of sandy beaches, rocky cliffs and scenic coastlines. For air travel, the Island is serviced by Guernsey Airport

Guernsey Car Hire

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Guernsey Arts and Architecture

Saint Peter Port, the capital of Guernsey, is a very attractive place with fascinating historical sites to visit. The 19th century Candie Gardens with its many gorgeous flowers and plants and makes a charming place to relax and the enjoy the surroundings. During the summer, concerts are held in the Gardens which include jazz and brass, giving visitors pleasant entertainment. From the gardens you can see across St. Peter Port and the nearby islands, and also in the Gardens is housed the Guernsey Museum and Art Gallery, with interesting collections displaying Guernsey’s history. The marina in Saint Peter Port is a lovely sight with its many boats on the water, providing a very picturesque scene, and there are many good restaurants in Guernsey to eat in with a range of cuisines.

Guernsey Harbour

Castle Cornet is an interesting visit and an also important landmark in Guernsey. There are entertaining stage and music performances that are held there, along with several museums that you can look around, which include a museum displaying the Castle’s history, a Maritime Museum and Militia Museum, all with lots of interesting collections and information. You could go to St. James Concert Hall, where there is lots of diverse and enjoyable entertainment. Also in Saint Peter Port you can visit Hauteville House, where the writer Victor Hugo lived for several years in the 19th century, and which is now a museum where you can learn about his life and look around the attractive house and its furnishings, the lovely gardens and a have great view across the sea.

In Saint Andrew in Guernsey one of the places you can visit is the Little Chapel, which is a fascinating and tiny ornate chapel built in the 20th century based on the Lourdes grotto. The Chapel is covered with shells and little bits of china giving it a blanket of colours and it is a very charming and pretty sight. In Saint Martin you can visit Sausmarez Manor which is an elegant building and an interesting museum with beautiful paintings, tapestries and antique furniture. There are also the Subtropical Gardens with lots of lovely flowers for you to enjoy, together with a lake and charming tea room.

The Guernsey Landscape

Visiting the Bailiwick Islands of Sark, Herm and Alderney are a great way to enjoy quiet, scenic beaches and coastlines and with places to stay at during you visit. On the island of Herm you can relax in the peace and quiet of this lovely little island which makes a perfect retreat. There are no cars on the island and you can walk around enjoying the rocky coastline, or relax on one of the clean, quiet sandy beaches such as Belvoir Bay with its attractive cove or the sparkling white Shell Beach and walk around the harbour and shops and have a meal in the picturesque surroundings.

Guernsey Island Sea View

On the island of Sark there are also no cars but you can walk or cycle around the picturesque landscape or have a ride on a horse and carriage for a tour around the island. Sark has two parts, the smaller part you can get to by a path on La Coupee causeway which has dramatic views. You can also take a guided tour around the interesting coastline with its inlets and caves. In La Seigneurie Gardens you can enjoy the splendid plants and flowers, such as beautiful roses, amid the lovely surroundings and in the gardens are also attractive arches, pergolas and ponds, along with and also a hedge maze.

On the island of Alderney there is great scenery to explore which is also rich in interesting natural wildlife. You can enjoy the plants and flowers around the island and there are many birds such as puffins and gannets to see. Visitors can relax on the quiet, attractive beaches and explore the landscapes of rocky cliffs, inlets and bays. St. Anne is the charming capital with a traditional feel and little streets of cobbles, where there are interesting shops to look around, and you can see St. Anne’s Church which was renovated in the 19th century, along with the Alderney Society Museum with collections displaying the history of the island. You can visit one of the nature reserves on the island, such as the Longis Nature Reserve with includes areas of heath and grassland, woods and ponds. Here you can enjoy the abundant plant life around the different areas and also the many birds that live and visit here.

Guernsey Cuisine

Traditional dishes that are eaten in Guernsey include the bean jar which is a haricot bean stew, often with pork. Dairy food is prominent here with the creamy Guernsey milk which used for cheese, butter and ice-cream. Being an island fresh, local seafood and fish is very popular in Guernsey, and includes lobster, crabs, mussels and scallops. Ormer, which is a mollusc, is also enjoyed in Guernsey, and can be eaten raw, lightly fried or in dishes such as ormer casserole with pork.

Popular desserts on the island include Guernsey gache, which is very traditional and is a sweet bread that has sultanas, raisins and mixed peel which can be eaten plain or with butter and jam. Gache melee is a pudding that is made with apple which can be served with Guernsey cream or custard. Cream teas are also popular which are scones with jam and cream, and can be washed down with a cup of tea. Alcoholic drinks that are popular in Guernsey include local cider, beer and wine and and non-alcoholic drinks include tea and coffee.

Whether you are relaxing on a lovely sandy beach, exploring the varied and attractive coastline or visiting the fascinating museums, your trip to the Island of Guernsey is bound to be a very enjoyable one.

Capital: Saint Peter Port
Currency: Guernsey pound & Pound sterling
Emergency Services: 112 or 999
Drives On: Left
Time Zones: UTC +0