Hungary Car Hire

Hungary Car Hire

In Hungary you can visit cities and towns with many elegant buildings, interesting museums and friendly atmospheres, and explore the varied landscape of plains, mountains, lakes, forests and caves.

Hungary Car Hire

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Hungarian Arts and Architecture

Hungary’s capital, Budapest, is a very diverse city with grand Neoclassical and Baroque buildings and Art Nouveau, together modern architecture. There are many interesting historical sites and buildings to visit in Hungary including Baroque style churches, Neoclassical buildings and medieval houses. On the Buda Castle Hill you can see the magnificent Buda Castle and the Fisherman’s Bastion with its decorative towers and from which there is a great view across the River Danube. Other impressive buildings in Budapest include the Parliament Building built in Neo-Gothic style, and the Dohany Street Synagogue which is Europe’s biggest synagogue and is Moorish style architecture dating to the mid-19th century.

Budapest Parliament Building

There are many museums in Budapest which include the Aquincum Museum, where you can see Roman artefacts,
and the Nagyteteny Castle Museum, with its elegant Baroque architecture, where you can see furniture collections. You can also visit the National Gallery and National Museum in Budapest. You can go along Andrassy Avenue which is a beautiful street where you can see many fine buildings, including the impressive Vajdahunyad Castle and Hungarian State Opera House. Also on this street are Museum of Fine Arts and the Hall of Arts. The whole Avenue is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list.

There are some beautiful bridges in the city which include the Liberty, Chain and Margaret Bridges. There are also several islands in Budapest, including Margaret Island in the River Danube in the city where you can relax in the parks and see medieval ruins, an Art Nouveau Water Tower, Music Fountain with its lights and displays or have fun in the Palatinus Water Park. Budapest is home to many theatres and concert halls including the Budapest Operetta and Musical Theatre and the National Theatre. There are lots of music and cultural festivals held in Budapest including the Sziget Festival which is a huge outside musical festival, together with wine and food festivals. You could visit one the old Turkish bath houses in the city and have a medicinal soak in the natural thermal springs or visit any of the stylish Art Nouveau bath houses.

The Hungarian Landscape

The Northern Uplands in Hungary is a beautiful region with mountains, forests and ravines. The Bukk National Park has mountains and hills where you can enjoy great views of the surrounding countryside and explore forests with beech and pine trees. You can see wild Lipizzaner horses in the region and visit the fascinating caves. You can visit cities such as Eger where you can see the castle and sample the wine that is made there, and in Egerszalok you can enjoy a therapeutic bathe in the mineral springs.

Lake Balaton

There is also the Aggtelek National Park where there are fascinating huge caves to explore and you can have a guided tour. The Baradla Cave is a huge cave with stalactites, stalagmites, columns and interesting rock formations, and the Beke Cave, or Peace Cave, has sparkling drip stones with waterfalls forming lovely colours, and the air in the cave has medicinal properties. You can hike or bike along the many trails in the region and enjoy the wildlife which includes animals such as red deer, wolves, ponies and wild boar. Some of the many birds in the area include eagles, buzzards and kingfishers.

Lake Balaton is a huge lake in the region of Transdanubia is a very popular with locals and visits alike. It has warm summer waters and sand, grass and rock beaches and there are also beaches around the lake with artificial sand. You can sail, windsurf, swim or fish in the waters or cycle around the lake on the lanes specially provided. There are towns and villages you can visit in the area including the busy Siofok resort, with its many clubs, or the quieter Keszthely. There are scenic hills and valleys in the region, together with forests, that you explore and hike through. The north shores are mountainous and you can visit the wine producing areas there.

Hungarian Cuisine

Traditional dishes in Hungary include casseroles and stews and roast meat such as beef, pork, chicken and lamb. Goulash is very popular and has meat, potatoes or dumplings, carrots, gravy and paprika. Paprika is a common ingredient in Hungarian cooking, with both the sweet and hot varieties. Dumplings, potatoes and noodles are also common in Hungarian dishes as are sausages and salami. Popular sausages include hurka, such majas hurka with liver and rice, and veres hurka that is like black pudding. Soups are popular in Hungary and include Halaszle which is a spicy soup made with fish and paprika, hideg meggyleves which is a cold soup made of sour cherries and gombaleves which is made with mushrooms.

Other favourite Hungarian dishes include paprikas which is a stew of meat and paprika gravy and csirke paprika which is a chicken paprikas with sour cream. Lecso is a stew of various vegetables, paprika and tomato and pecsenye is a steak of pork together with cabbage. Palacsinta is very popular, being crepes with fillings such as cheese or meat and also popular are peppers filled with meat and rice.

Popular Hungarian desserts include palacsinta with a sweet filling such as jam and gundel palacsinta is a pancake with a walnut filling and covered in chocolate sauce. Other favourites include dobos cake which is made of sponge with nuts and caramel, madartej which is milk custard and dumplings made with egg whites and gesztenyepure are sweet chestnuts, rum and sugar together with whipped cream. Wine is very popular in Hungary and include the white Tokaji and the red Egri Bikaver. Favourite non-alcoholic drinks include Traubi which has a grape flavour.

Whether you are wine tasting or hiking in the Northern Uplands, soaking in a natural mineral spring, bathing in a warm lake or dancing at a local music festival, you are bound to have an enjoyable time during your trip to Hungary.

Capital: Budapest
Currency: Forint (HUF)
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1