Lithuania Car Hire

Lithuania Car Hire

In Lithuania there are many places of historical interest in the towns and cities, together with fascinating museums to look around, and the landscape is diverse with many rivers, lakes, forests to explore.

Lithuania Car Hire

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Lithuanian Arts and Architecture

Vilnius, the capital City of Lithuania is a lively, modern place with and also has an abundance of historical sights. The Old Town of the City is on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list and you can walk down little medieval winding streets of cobblestone and courtyards and see many impressive historical buildings of different styles, including Gothic, Renaissance and particularly Baroque. Vilnius University which was built from the 16th to the 18th centuries in Baroque architecture and there also many beautiful churches in the city such as the impressive Baroque St. John’s Church and the stunning building of Vilnius Cathedral with its Neoclassical architecture and its beautiful interior that includes the ornate Chapel of St. Casmir.

Vilnius Cathedral Of St Stanislaus And Vladislaus

The modern Palace of the Grand Dukes is built in the Renaissance style as a reconstruction of the previous palace, and there are many beautiful pieces of art and furniture that can be viewed by the public in their grand surroundings.

In Cathedral Square there are many regular public events, festivals, concerts, parades and exhibitions and is a an important Square in the city life. There are a number of museums to visit in Vilnius such as the National Museum of Lithuania with interesting collections showing the history of the country, and the Contemporary Art Centre where you can see fascinating exhibitions of modern and contemporary works, and the National Art Gallery with 20th century and modern art of the country. You can also enjoy the lovely surroundings in the public parks and gardens around the city as well as rivers and lakes. There are many different cafes and restaurants in Vilnius catering for all different tastes and the nightlife in the city is very lively and enjoyable.

In the city of Kaunas there is also a mixture of old and new, with new buildings and shops along with medieval and Baroque sights. The Old Town is very attractive with many historical buildings to see and in Town Hall Square in the Old Town you can see rows of colourful houses built in the 15th and 16th centuries. The Town Hall is very impressive with is superb Baroque architecture in an ivory colour and tall tower and you can visit Kaunas Cathedral Basilica with its Gothic architecture and intricate interior decoration. Also impressive is the 19th century building of St. Michael the Archangel’s Church in Neo-Byzantine style.

There are several different theatres in the city and a number of museums you can visit which include the Lithuanian Aviation Museum with collections including airplane models, gliders and helicopters, and the Jewellery Museum where you admire beautiful jewellery and precious gems. There are many festivals that take Kaunas which include different types of music, dance, folk festivals and other cultural events in the city. There are many cafes and restaurants around the city, along with nightclubs and bars.

The Lithuanian Landscape

The Curonian Spit is a region with beautiful forests of pine and huge sand dunes and most of the area is within the The Curonian Spit National Park. You can explore the lovely area around the Curonian Lagoon and enjoy the golden sandy beaches around the peninsula with the clear waters and high sand dunes and you can swim, fish and sail in the waters.

Trakai Castle Lake

There are several villages in the region which include Nida, which still retains part of its traditional look and where you can enjoy the scenic surroundings and huge dunes such as the Parnidis Dune where you have great views of the area from the top. In the lovely pine forests of the region animals such as wild boar, deer and elk roam free in their natural surroundings.

Aukstaitija National Park in the north east of the country has an abundance of wooded areas with trees such as pine and spruce. There are many lakes around the Park together with rivers and streams and picturesque hills. The waters in the park are great for activities such as kayaking and boating. In the park is rich wildlife and there are many species of birds including eagles and storks and animals such as deer, will boar and elk. If you climb up Ice Hill you can have great views of several of the lovely lakes in the region.

Lithuanian Cuisine

Potatoes are very common in Lithuanian cuisine and can be cooked in various ways for different dishes. Pork is the most common meat, with chicken and beef also popular and commonly eaten fish are herring, perch and pike. Dairy products such as curd cheese and sour cream are popular foods and sour cream is added to many dishes, both savoury and sweet. Soup is widely consumed in Lithuania and include barsciai which is beetroot soup, and also cabbage, cucumber and sauerkraut soup.

Dark rye bread is eaten very commonly in Lithuania and can be served with butter or cheese. Bagels such as Riestainis are also popular. Popular dishes include kukuliai which are dumplings made with potato and didzkukuliai dumplings have a stuffing meat and either cheese or mushrooms. Balandeliai are cabbage leaves with a meat filling and blynai are a type of thin pancake and can made with potato. Various types of sausages are common in Lithuania, either made with pork or beef or can have potatoes or blood in them. Vedarai sausage has potato with pork intestines and zrazai are rolls of beef and saslykai are skewered pieces of pork which are grilled.

Popular desserts in Lithuania include doughnuts which frequently have jam in them. Also enjoyed are various cakes with fruits such as plum, apple and apricot. Popular alcoholic drinks in the country are beer and vodka and favourite non-alcoholic drinks include tea include herbal teas, and coffee.

There will be plenty to enjoy in Lithuania, whether you are boating on a lake, admiring beautiful historical buildings or exploring ancient forests in the lovely landscape.

Capital: Vilnius
Currency: Euro
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +2