Luxembourg Car Hire

Luxembourg Car Hire

Luxembourg is a varied country to visit, with its many historical sites, picturesque towns and cities and attractive landscape you are bound to have an interesting time.

Luxembourg Car Hire

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Luxembourg Arts and Architecture

The capital is Luxembourg city, which has many historic sites of interest to visit. In the 10th century, Count Siegfried built a castle on top of the Bock promontory and the city was built around it over time. Spanish occupiers built a series of underground defensive tunnels in the 17th century and other fortifications and walls were added defend the city. Most of the fortifications have since been destroyed but there are still underground tunnels remaining which can be viewed by the public. During World War II many thousands of people hid in these tunnels so they proved highly useful hundreds of years after they were built. These tunnels, called the Bock Casemates, are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Chateau De Bourglinster

The Grund is an attractive area in the city and situated by the Alzette River. There are caves and houses built into rocks and you can walk along the cobbled walkway and admire the scenery by the Corniche, where there is a lovely view of the picturesque buildings and Alzette Valley.

Luxembourg City History Museum is an interesting place to visit. It has collections with artefacts showing the history of the city over a thousand years and covers the social, political and architectural aspects of the city’s history. In the National Museum of History and Art, among the collections you can see works by artists from Luxembourg between the 18th and 20th centuries including Joseph Kutter and Sosthene Weis, together with contemporary art.

There is also an archaeological section with finds including jewellery, coins and tools and also collections such as medieval sculpture. The Museum of Natural History is a fascinating visit with a large range of collections relating to sciences such as geology, zoology, ecology and astrophysics. The Grand Ducal Palace is an impressive sight with its neo Classical and neo Gothic architecture as is the Philharmonie Luxembourg with its unique contemporary architecture.

The City of Esch-sur-Alzette is in the south west of Luxembourg is an interesting place to visit. There are lots of modern facilities and buildings including the Utopolis Belval cinema and a large concert hall, the Rockhal. There are also ample places for shopping including the new Belval Plaza shopping complex. You can also visit a theatre such as Theatre d’Esch, and the Kulturfabrik is a centre that has diverse cultural events and shows. The National Museum of the Resistance is an interesting visit with its displays relating to the resistance against the Germans in World War II. Galgenberg Park is well worth a visit with its attractive gardens, waterfalls and fountains, together with playgrounds and small animals.

The Luxembourg Landscape

The Ardennes region of Luxembourg has beautiful landscape to explore. There are dense woods and forests, rivers, hills and mountains. There are many valleys with sheer sides and fast rivers flowing them such as the River Meuse. The Nature Park in the Upper Sure in the Ardennes region is lovely for exploring.

Winefields In Luxembourg

There is a reservoir supplying water to much of Luxembourg, which you can sail, kayak and canoe on. There are many paths for walking and cycling around the region and viewing the pretty meadows, wooded hills and high farmland, together with serene valleys and creeks.

Also in the Ardennes, the Our Nature Park is a large area which has valleys, plateaus and flatlands with abundant wildlife which includes animals such as the wildcat and birds including grouse and storks. In Stolzembourg you can visit the Mining Museum showing the history of copper mining in the region. Amid the varied landscape you can see castles including the impressive Vianden Castle in the Our Valley.

Mullerthal is in the south east of the Ardenne region. There are many trails for walking and cycling or you can go rock climbing. The area has wood and forests, hills and meadows, together rugged cliffs and interesting formations of rock. The Moselle Valley in the east of Luxembourg is a great place to visit for wine tasting. You can see a Wine Museum in Ehnen and amid the scenic green vineyard landscape there are various tours for wine tasting in the area during the summer, such as the Poll-Fabaire Cellars in Wormeldange.

Luxembourg Cuisine

A national favourite dish in Luxembourg is Judd mat Gaardebounen being pork collar that is smoked, together with potatoes and broad beans. Oesling ham is marinated and smoked ham, served with salad and chips. Another favourite is Gromperekichelcher which is spicy fried potato pancake and onions, and also Rieslingspaschteit is a meat pie with Riesling wine, shaped in to a loaf.

Favourite fish dishes include Hiecht mat kraiderzooss which is pike cooked in a green sauce and F’rell Am Rèisleck which is Riesling sauce with trout. Another favourite fish dish is agemachten hierken which is pickled herrings together with cheese, cream, wine and apples. Liver dumplings served with potatoes and sauerkraut are also popular, as is black pudding served with an apple sauce.

Also popular is bouneschlupp which is a French bean soup and gromperenzopp which is soup made with potato, egg, cream and leeks. Kachkeis is a soft cooked cheese for spreading, usually eaten with bread and mustard. Favourite desserts include quetschentaart which is a plum tart, and verwurelter which are little sugary doughnuts. Wine is a popular drink in Luxembourg, particularly Riesling, Pinot blanc and Pinot gris. Beer is also a common drink, particularly lager.

Whether you’re visiting museums in the city, wine tasting in the Moselle Valley or hiking along a nature trail or exploring historical underground tunnels, your trip to Luxembourg will always be enjoyable.

Capital: Luxembourg
Currency: Euro
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1