Macedonia Car Hire

Macedonia Car Hire

Macedonia has many places of interest such as Ottoman mosques, inns and bazaars and lots of lively festivals to enjoy, along with many landscapes of natural beauty around the country to explore and admire.

Macedonia Car Hire

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Macedonian Arts and Architecture

The capital City of Macedonia, Skopje, is a lively and modern city with many historical sites and buildings to see. Many old buildings were unfortunately destroyed or badly damaged in the 1963 earthquake but, there are still many interesting buildings and structures to be seen around the city. The Stone Bridge across the Vardar River is an important landmark in the City and and has been reconstructed to its 16th century appearance. The Mustafa Pasha Mosque built in the 15th century has a lovely ornate interior and a pretty rose garden, and you can also visit a charming chapel where the house that Mother Teresa was born and lived in as a young girl used to be. There is also the Lead Inn which is an attractive Ottoman inn built in the 16th century, together with the Kapan Han and the 15th century Suli Han where there is now an Old Bazaar Museum.

Statue of Alexander The Great in Skopje

Among the museums in Skopje is the National Gallery which is housed in the 15th century Turkish baths with lovely ornately decorated domes. The Museum of Contemporary Art, has collections including works by Macedonian artists and international artists such as Picasso. The Macedonia National Museum has Ethnological, Archaeological and historical sections with artefacts such as Neolithic figures, national costumes, frescoes and icons. In City Park you can enjoy the lakes and attractive surroundings and there is also a museum there and zoo, along with restaurants, cafes and also nightclubs. Skopje is host to many lively festivals and events which include jazz, opera, classical, theatre, film and wine. You can see performances at the The Macedonia National Theatre where there is drama, ballet and opera. There are many restaurants to eat in and include both traditional Macedonian cuisine and international.

In the City of Bitola there are lots of places of historical interest such as the Church of St. Demetrius built in the 19th century which has a beautiful interior with colourful icons, chandeliers and frescoes. The Ajdar Kadi mosque built in the 16th century is a splendid building with its domes and arches and the 16th century Jeni Mosque with its tall minaret is ornately decorated and now holds art exhibitions. There is the large 15th century covered bazaar, in which are now sold mostly modern goods, but the original appearance of the bazaar is still there to be seen. Along Shirok Sokak Street there are lots of attractive neo-classical buildings and many cafes. The Dragor River flows through Bitoli and you can enjoy relaxing riverside walks there. Also adding extra interest and enjoyment, there are lots of festivals that are held in the city such as folk, film, classical, music and art.

The Macedonian Landscape

The Pelister National Park has alpine meadows and stunning peaks which include the Pelister Peak, part of the Baba Mountain, with its lovely valleys. From the Pelister peak you can see across the city of Bitola along with other mountains and Lake Prespa. There are dense forests of pine and other trees in the Park and you can roam around admiring the landscape and see the unusual rock formations. In the park you can also see rivers, streams and natural springs and enjoy the rich wildlife in the area.

Macedonian Village Landscape

The animals that live in the region include chamois, bears, wolves and roe deer and the many bird species there include eagle and partridges. Among the many activities you can take part in are hiking and biking, kayaking and canoeing in the waters and skiing and snowboarding on the peaks.

In the west of Macedonia is the Mavrovo National Park where there are impressive mountain peaks including Mount Korab and Mount Bistra. There are lots of stunning landscapes in the Park to admire and enjoy, including the splendid artificial Mavrovo lake where you can swim, fish
and go boating, or just relax around the lovely water’s edge enjoying the surroundings. Here in the lake is St. Nicholas Church which is half underneath the water, flooded when the artificial lake was made.

In the National Park are huge areas of forests filled with pine and birch and there are impressive canyons and gorges with sheer cliffs. The lovely waters around the Park include rivers and high waterfalls with cascades thundering down. Also among the natural features of the Park are interesting rock formations, caves and crystal glacial lakes. Skiing in the mountains is a popular activity here and in the Mavrovo ski resort you can find all the facilities you need for skiing including chair lifts.

Macedonian Cuisine

Traditional dishes consumed in Macedonia include Tavce gravce which is a stew made with butter beans, onions and red pepper, and turli tava which is a baked dish of meat such as beef or lamb, rice, potatoes, carrots and courgettes. Other popular dishes include cevapi which is a grilled beef or pork minced meat sausage and can be eaten with flatbread and sour cream, pastrmajlija which has a dough base with a chopped meat and egg topping, and selsko meso which is made with pork, peppers, mushrooms, onions and tomatoes.

Popular desserts in Macedonia include pancakes, which can be enjoyed with a variety of ingredients such as different jams, fruit sauces lemon juice, chocolate sauce and nut paste. Baklava is a layered pastry dessert with nuts and honey and tulumba is a batter that is fried and covered with a sweet syrup. Common alcoholic drinks in Macedonia include wine, beer and mastika which is like brandy, and among popular non-alcoholic drinks are Turkish coffee and yoghurt.

From looking around the fascinating churches and mosques to exploring beautiful forests of pine, and from boating on the waters of crystal lakes to trying the traditional cuisine in the local restaurants, visiting Macedonia will be a great experience.

Capital: Skopje
Currency: Macedonian Denar (MKD)
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1