Moldova Car Hire

Moldova Car Hire

On a trip to Moldova there will be places of visit such as cathedrals, churches and monuments, together with a range of museums and interesting historical sites. Exploring the country you can see forests, woodlands, hills, lakes, rivers and waterfalls and enjoy the lovely landscapes.

Moldova Car Hire

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Moldovan Arts and Architecture

Chisinau, the Capital of Moldova, is a city with lots of interesting things to see. The Cathedral of Christ’s Nativity, built in the 19th century in Neoclassical architecture, is a very elegant building with its columns and dome, along with the beautiful interior and imposing belfry. The Orthodox All Saints Church is also a superb and colourful building, built in the 19th century. Also to be seen is the Triumphal Arch built in the 19th century which its elegant architecture and it is an impressive landmark in the city.

All Saints Church Chisinau

Chisinau has fascinating museums to visit, such as the National Archaeology and History Museum where you can see numerous exhibits including Palaeolithic, Iron Age, Roman, medieval and Ottoman artefacts. It has collections such as weaponry, coins, jewellery, tools, musical instruments and furniture and makes a very interesting visit. There is also the National Ethonographic and Nature Museum with collections on subjects such as zoology, botany, geology and palaeontology, and has artefacts showing the lives of Moldovan people through history. Other interesting visits would be the Pushkin Museum displaying items showing the life of the exiled Alexander Pushkin, and the National Museum of Fine Arts has both national and international collections such as folk art, decorative and Orthodox art.

During your stay in Chisinau you could see a fine performance at the National Opera and Ballet Theatre or relax in the Stafan Cel Mare Park with its lovely surroundings of trees and flowers, with several charming fountains, particularly the large fountain in the middle of park with its pretty cascades of water. Other lovely parks you can go to in Chisinau include Riscani Park where there are lots of woods for a quiet and relaxing walk, and Rose Valley is a delightful place in the city where you can enjoy the attractive lakes and eat in the restaurants there in the pretty surroundings. There are lots of good places for shopping in Chisinau and a variety of very good restaurants and cafes to eat and drink in.

The Moldovan Landscape

The Codri Nature Reserve is a lovely area of Moldova where there are lush, dense forests full of trees such as birch, beech and fir, growing on the hills of this scenic area. There are picturesque valleys, ridges and ravines and the tallest hill is Balanesti Hill. You can explore the area and enjoy the beauty of the trees and hills and surrounding landscape and take in the fresh air. There is also a nature museum there that you can visit to learn more about the nature of the area. You can also enjoy the beauty of the River Raut River Prut in the region. Visitors to the Nature Reserve can also walk around enjoying the natural wildlife including lots of lovely plants and flowers.

The Triumphal Arch Chisinau

In the Rezina district in the east of the country, you can visit places such as Tipova where there is a fascinating cave monastery that was built between the 10th and 12th centuries into the rock of limestone. There are lots of interconnected caves here that all form the monastery and monks still live in the charming place today. You can also enjoy the scenic surroundings around Tipova where there is the Nistru river together with the smaller rivers, Saharna and Tipova, and admire lots of cascading waterfalls and pretty natural wells and springs. Also in the district are hills and lovely dense forests with trees such as oak and ash and many plants, and you can enjoy the natural wildlife in the area.

Orheiul Vechi is a fascinating place in Moldova which consists of archaeological and religious sites. There is a cave monastery here which was built into the riverside cliff in the 13th century. There is a bell tower to the monastery and monks still live here. You can also explore other caves in the area and see remains of a wall built around the monastery in the 15th century. You can visit the Museum with many archaeological finds showing the rich history of the sites and have a meal in one the traditional restaurants here. Visitors can also explore the attractive natural landscape of forests and meadows and around the Raut River that flows in the area.

Moldovan Cuisine

Popular dishes in Moldova include sarma, which are vine or cabbage leaves with minced meat such as beef or pork, along with rice. Meatballs are also common in Moldova and also mamaliga, which is porridge and which can be eaten along with other dishes such as various stews or with sour cream. Ciorba is a sour soup that can have various meat, vegetable or other ingredients such as beef, chicken, potato or beans and is often eaten with sour cream. Borscht is a thick soup made with beetroot and paprikash is meat, such as chicken or beef, in a paprika sauce. Pelmini are popular in Moldovan cuisine and are dumplings which can be filled with meat such as pork or beef, or instead mushrooms. Other commonly eaten foods in Moldova include contunasi which are dumplings that can have a filling of cheese or meat, and pancakes, with a variety of different fillings.

Popular desserts that are enjoyed in Moldova include placinta which is a pastry with a cheese or apple filling. Dumplings can be eaten as a dessert with a sweet filling such as jam and also pancakes are often enjoyed filled with various jams. Alcoholic drinks consumed include beer and wine, including sparkling wine, and favourite non-alcoholic drinks include kompot which is boiled fruits.

Whether you are exploring a fascinating cave monastery in the hills or touring the capital city with its interesting museums and landmarks, your visit to Moldova will be well worth the trip.

Capital: Chisinau
Currency: Moldovan Leu (MDL)
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +2