Montenegro Car Hire

Montenegro Car Hire

Montenegro is a country where you will find lots of historical buildings, fascinating museums and a beautiful and varied landscape to explore.

Montenegro Car Hire

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Montenegrin Arts and Architecture

In the capital city of Montenegro, Podgorica, there are lots of places of interest, both old and new. In the Stara Varos which is the old Ottoman town, you can see the old 17th century Ottoman clock tower, and across the Ribnica River there is an arched Turkish bridge and the remains of a 15th century Ottoman fortress. You can go and see the interesting buildings such the Osmanagic Mosque which was built in the 18th century, and the Doganjska Mosque. An outstanding new building in the city is the Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ with its splendid architecture and beautiful interior decoration of colourful paintings and carvings. Over the Moraca River, also in the city, you can see the new Millennium Bridge which is a superb structure and a lovely sight across the river. The 16th century St. George’s Church by Gorica Hill is situated by surrounding trees with its attractive interior of colourful icons and frescoes.

The Presidents Blue Palace in Cetinje

In Podgorica there are museums you can visit, such as the Podgorica City Museum with interesting collections displaying the history of the city, including collections from the Illyrian periods. The Petrovic Castle and King Nicholas Castle, along with other related buildings, are now a section of the Modern Arts Centre with many interesting collections. The National Theatre and City Theatre would be good places to see a performance for an evening out.

Republic Square is a main square in the city with an attractive fountain and is a lively place where lots of people like to meet up and eat in the restaurants there. Another popular square is the Roman Square, which is located in the newer town, and here you will find lots of popular restaurants and cafes and there is also a lovely fountain in the middle. There are plenty of scenic surroundings for walks and relaxation, such as Gorica Hill, which overlooks the city giving great views. You will also have a lot of choice for shopping in Podgorica, with plenty of places to eat and drink in, and there is also a lively nightlife in the city.

Cetinje is an interesting city with a surrounding landscape of mountains, and is in rich in history. A fascinating visit would be the Cetinje Orthodox Monastery which was rebuilt in the 18th century and where are held precious relics. Also in the city is the Orthodox Vlah Church with its attractive 19th century icons in the interior. The city is an important place of culture in Montenegro with museums to visit such as the The National Museum of Montenegro which incorporates several museums being History, Ethnographic, Archaeological and Art Museums. As part of the History Museum you can see such places as the 19th century King Nikola Palace Museum and all the museums have many fascinating collections. You could also go a see a performance at the Royal National Theatre in Cetinje.

The Montenegrin Landscape

The Durmitor National Park in the north west of Montenegro is a region of outstanding beauty. It comprises the Durmitor range of mountains and the imposing Tara River canyon with its impressive gorges, and is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many peaks in the park area and the tallest one is Bobotov Kuk. You can hike around the Park and enjoy the many wonderful landscapes and nature all around and see the fascinating rock formations in the limestone cliffs.

Skadar Lake Montenegro

Visitors can raft in the waters of the park, along with many other outdoor activities, and during the winter the region is a very popular place for skiing. The waters of the Tara River are clean and clear and there are several lovely lakes in the park along with attractive waterfalls. Around the Park are deep forests of pine, beech and fir and many species of plants and flowers to see in the natural landscape. The animals that live in the region include wolves, and brown bears and chamois, and among the bird species are eagles and capercaillie.

The Lake Skadar National Park is a lovely region in Montenegro, where there is a varied landscape around the Lake which include rugged, steep cliffs and wetlands. The lake has crystal clear waters and there are many natural springs in the Park. Also you can visit some little islands on the Lake which inlcude Beska, where you can see the old churches of St. George and St. Mary, and on Grmozur there is what used to be a prison and fortress. There are areas of wetlands being home to many birds in the Park and the birds include pelicans and cormorants. Fish that live in the Lake include carp, and among the animals that live in the region are wolves and otters.

Montenegrin Cuisine

Some popular dishes enjoyed in Montenegro include various types of stew, including pasulj which is made with beans and smoked meat such as sausage or bacon, and djuvec which is a stew of meat, such as beef or chicken, tomatoes, mushrooms and onions. Also common is dolma which is cabbage or vine leaves or vegetables such as peppers or tomatoes, with a stuffing of rice or meat. Burek is a flaky pastry filled with meat, vegetable or cheese and meatballs are also popular, along with cevapi which is grilled sausage of minced meat, often eaten with a flatbread and sour cream.

Common desserts eaten in Maedonia include krofne which are doughnuts and are often eaten with jam, and pancakes which can be served with jam, chocolate sauce or fruit sauce. Baklava is layered pastry with nuts, raisins and honey, and tulumba is a dough batter that is fried and then covered in syrup. The most popular alcoholic drinks consumed in Montenegro include wine, beer and rakia, which is a fruit brandy, and common non-alcoholic drinks in include pomegranate juice, Turkish coffee and mineral water.

From exploring lakes, wetlands, rivers and mountains to looking at old mosques, cathedrals and bridges, you are bound to enjoy your

stay in Montenegro.

Capital: Podgorica
Currency: Euro
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1