Norway Car Hire

Norway Car Hire

In Norway you can explore the breathtaking scenery of the fjords, mountains, glaciers, cliffs and lakes. You can see interesting museums full of unique sculptures or Viking history. You can also enjoy the tasty cuisine of the country or listen to live music in a vibrant city bar.

Norway Car Hire

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Norwegian Arts and Architecture

Oslo, the capital of Norway, is a very large and vibrant city. The city centre consists of many 19th century neoclassical buildings and attractive squares, together with lots of magnificent historical landmarks including the Cathedral and Parliament Building. You can have a guided tour around The Royal Palace in the summer, with its neoclassical architecture, and see some of its many superb rooms. The Akershus castle, an imposing medieval building, is an impressive sight, and you can also have a tour around its large halls, mausoleum and church during the summer months.

Oslo Royal Palace

There are many fine museums in Oslo, including The Munch Museum, which houses works by Edvard Munch including The Scream. There are more museums, such as The Viking Ship Museum, on the peninsula of Bygdoy, where you can see three viking ships along with other Viking artefacts. Another museum on the Bygdoy peninsula is the Folkemuseet which has collections relating to folk dress and art, together with Sami culture.

There are also many parks in the city, providing green space for locals and visitors alike. In the largest of the city parks, Frogner Park, is the Vigeland Museum where you can see many sculptures by Gustav Vigeland. The Aker Brygge is a large attractive shopping and leisure area along the seafront with many shops and restaurants and is a very popular place for locals as well as visitors. There are also many cafes, bars and restaurants to choose from elsewhere in Oslo together with a lively nightlife and lots of live music.

Trondheim is a varied city with areas of wetland where you can watch various birds and there are also other animals that live in the city such as beavers and otters, together with foxes and badgers. Around the city you can also see deer as well as moose.

In the centre of the city you can see the Nidaros Cathedral together with the Archbishop’s palace. The Gothic cathedral, dating back to 1070, was a site for pilgrims in the Middle Ages and it is the world’s most northern medieval cathedral. There are interesting museums to visit in the city including the Maritime Museum with models of various ships, shipping instruments and figureheads. The Trondelag Folk Museum has both indoor and outdoor displays that show the lives of people in Trondheim through the ages. There are many buildings in the museum including a dental surgery, grocery store and post office and there is also a church dating back to 1170.

The Norwegian Landscape

Norway’s western fjords are an amazing sight. Any of these long inlets with their vast sheer cliffs are a must see on a visit to Norway.

A good place to start your journey through the fjords is from the city of Bergen on the west coast of Norway. Hardangerfjord is a fjord of moderate size in comparison with many of the others in the region, but is serene and picturesque.

The Norwegian Fjords

Sognefjord is a magnificent sight with its vast imposing size. By Sognerfjord and Nordfjord you can see the Jostedalsbreen glacier. Geirangerfjord is a fantastic sight with its narrow but wild, rocky heights. Another lovely sight is the amazing scenery of the wild Trollstigen mountains and their beautiful landscape.

The Rondane National Park is a wonderful area for exploring with its mountains and beautiful views. There are forests, rivers, lakes and valleys. You can hike across the landscape and enjoy the forests of pine and look out for reindeer which live in the area. Rondvatnet Lake with its background of rugged, high mountains is a lovely sight. There are marked trails together with hiking huts. Skiing is a popular activity here as well as riding. Rafting and river paddling are also popular activities in the region and there are guided trips, particularly in the Sjoa River, with its rushing waters and gorges.

The south coast of Norway has some great places to visit. There are lots of little islands and with woods, lakes and hills. You can go sailing around the islands and little inlets or relax on the beach. Kristiansand is a busy resort on the coast, with lots of bars and restaurants. There is a lovely beach at Mandal, and Stavanger has the impressive Lysefjord which is a great sight, particularly the Preikestolen rock, the sheer cliff which is 604m above Lysefjord.

Norwegian Cuisine

Fish is very common is Norwegian cuisine. Smoked salmon is extremely popular and a traditional Scandinavian dish. It is commonly served with scrambled eggs and mustard sauce. Other very popular fish includes herring, cod, mackerel and sardine and they can be eaten in a variety of ways including fresh, salted, pickled or smoked. Rakfisk is salted trout which is fermented for several months before eating and torsk is poached cod which is served with potatoes and butter. Fiskesuppe is fish soup with milk and vegetables, particularly potatoes, carrots and onions. Another dish is sursild which is pickled herring. Pickles used can include tomato, vinegar, sherry or mustard. It is commonly eaten with rye bread. Popular seafood includes crabs, mussels and prawns.

Preserved meat is commonly used, often with sour cream together with flat bread. Lamb is a very popular meat in Norway. Farikal is mutton stew and cabbage is a traditional dish. Kjottkaker are big ground beef cakes with onion, often with lingonberry relish, and Svinekoteletter are braised pork chops often with potatoes and onions. Reindeer is enjoyed in Norway, as is moose, and are often eaten on social occasions. Hare, duck and fowl are also common in Norway. All these are often eaten with a rich sauce and lingonberry jam.

Bread plays a large part in Norwegian food and whole grain breads are particularly popular. Grovbrod is whole wheat bread, commonly eaten with syrup, and loff is wheat bread that is soft, sour dough bread is also popular. A favourite cake is Krumkake which is a thinly rolled cake with whipped cream. Another tasty treat are Pikekyss, which are small baked meringues. Pastries are also popular and come in many varieties. Beer is a popular alcoholic drink in Norway particularly red beers or pilsners, and akevitt is a caraway flavoured yellow liquor.

Norway is a great country to visit, whether you are exploring the stunning landscape or sightseeing in the city it will always be an enjoyable trip.

Capital: Oslo
Currency: Norwegian Krone
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1/strong