Netherlands Car Hire

Netherlands Car Hire

There are many places of interest in the Netherlands, including scenic canals, pretty villages and attractive coastline, vibrantly coloured bulb fields and charming windmills.

Netherlands Car Hire

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Dutch Arts and Architecture

Amsterdam, the Capital City has much to offer any visitor. The Rijksmuseum has an impressive collection of Dutch paintings which include works by Rembrandt, Johannes Vermeer and Frans Hals. It also houses numerous other objects ranging from the years 1200 to 2000. The Van Gogh Museum has the biggest collection of his work in the world and includes self-portraits and hundreds of his letters. Also in the museum are works by Van Gogh’s Impressionist and post-Impressionist contemporaries. There are also sculptures by Rodin and Dalou.

Anne Frank House, where Jewish diarist, Anne Frank, wrote her famous diaries during the Nazi occupation in World War II. Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazis in hiding places in the back of the house. The hiding place has been preserved and exhibits from her life are on show at the Museum.

Dutch Canals & Windmills

The Netherlands are of course famous for having numerous canals. Amerstam has many charming ones to see such as The Golden Bend with its stunning canal houses. The Magere Brug is a very pretty bridge and is illuminated beautifully at nighttime. There is a great choice of restaurants and bars in Amsterdam and the city has a diverse and friendly culture with a vibrant nightlife.

The multicultural City of Maastricht has a great diversity of interest, with its contemporary architecture, art fairs and great restaurants, together with plenty of historical interest with many medieval buildings to look around and old narrow cobbled streets. There are many fine museums to visit in Maastricht including Bonnefanten Museum, in the Limburg province, housing both contemporary work and treasured old masters’ pieces.

There are parks and lovely walks along the river Meuse with pretty bridges. Sint Servaasbrug is the Netherlands’ oldest bridge, part of it from the 13th century. There are also many fortifications still standing, such as the Casemates, which is an underground series of tunnels which housed guns and cannons and guided tours can be taken around them. The dramatically named “Hell’s Gate” (Helpoort) is the Netherlands’ oldest city gate and has two formidable towers.

Maastricht is known for its squares, where there are many sights of interest for visitors. The largest square is Vrijthof, with lots of popular restaurants and pubs. The Basilica of Saint Servatius is built here in the Romanesque style and has medieval sculptures and is a popular place for pilgrims. The attractive square Onze Lieve Vrouweplein is lined with trees and has many cafes along the pavement. In the market square, Markt, you can see the 16th century Baroque styled Town Hall. The Entre Deux shopping centre is built in the Postmodern style, winning international awards for its architecture.

There are many fine museums to visit in Maastricht including Bonnefanten Museum, in the Limburg province, housing both contemporary work and treasured old masters’ pieces.

The Dutch Landscape

Hoge Veluew National Park in the province of Gelerland is a beautiful area with lakes, forest and woodland, heaths and dunes which you can walk through or cycle along any of the cycle trails on one of the many free white bicycles provided by the Park.

There is an abundance of wildlife to be seen in the Park including red and roe deer and wild hogs.
Tulips In The Netherlands

You can watch the wildlife on your own or otherwise go on a safari, with the forester guiding you on a walk around. You can even go on a night time safari to spot the night wildlife.

The Kroller-Muller Museum situated deep in the Park, has the biggest private collection of Van Gogh works in the world and has charming sculptured gardens.

Keukenhof in Lisse, known as the Garden of Europe, is the second largest flower garden in the world. Millions of bulbs are planted every year the displays are breathtaking, with colour everywhere. The gardens are open every year between mid-March and mid-May and there are many different flowers and styles of garden. The grounds of Castle Keukenhof are open all year and there are often festivals and classical music concerts to enjoy.

Biesbosch National Park, on the border of Noord-Brabant and Zuid-Holland, consists of a huge area of freshwater tidal wetlands, reeds, rivers, creeks and islands. There are willow forests, grasslands and reed fields. There are plenty of flora and fauna in the Park and you can see much many birds including kingfishers, blue throats and lots of waterfowl. Other wildlife include Roe deer and beavers. You can enjoy the surroundings and wildlife area by hiking, cycling or by boat.

Dutch cuisine

Popular dishes in the Netherlands include Stamppot which is potatoes, meat and vegetables mashed together as a stew. It can have saurekraut, onions, carrots, kale, bacon and sausages and gravy. Many varieties of sausage are eaten in the Netherlands and are very popular, such as dried and smoked sausages. Cheese is enjoyed widely and famous favourites are Edam and Gouda. Soup is commonly enjoyed, and a favourite is pea soup, Bitterballen is a favourite dish, being beef ragout fried in little balls and is a popular snack.

The most common fish eaten is herring, especially with onions and pickles and served on a bun. Other seafood enjoyed commonly are oysters, mussels and shrimps, and Kibbeling, battered fish is a very popular fast food.

Proffertjes are thick, sweet pancakes and are very popular, frequently eaten with butter and sugar. Another sweet favourite is stroopwafel, a sweet flat treacle waffle, often washed down with a cup of tea or coffee. Many pastries are eaten in the Netherlands and various varieties including spiced with ginger or filled with almond or custard.

Beer and bitter are the most popular alchoholic beverages, and tea and coffee and enjoyed widely.

A trip to the Netherlands as a lot to offer, whether its medieval history, diverse culture and arts, colourful scenery, or cosmopolitan cities there is much to choose from.

Capital: Amsterdam
Currency: Euro
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1