Poland Car Hire

Poland Car Hire

Poland is a country that has a great diversity of things to see and do. Whether you want to visit majestic palaces and gardens, ski or snowboard in the mountains or take a relaxing boat trip around the lakes.

Poland Car Hire

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Polish Arts and Architecture

Warsaw, the capital of Poland, is a diverse city with much to see. You can visit the Lazienki Krolewskie Palace and gardens, where there is also a huge park. The gardens are landscaped and the complex has many various buildings such as the Palace on the Island, with its beautiful architecture, and free concerts are also regularly held in the park. Other buildings in the complex include the 18th century White House, orangery, amphitheatre and Greek and Egyptian style temples where exhibitions are held.

Much of Warsaw was destroyed during World War II but a great deal has been restored, including many buildings rebuilt in their original style. These include the 15th century castle in the Old Town which was rebuilt with its own rubble. The Old Town has attractive squares and alleyways and there are many galleries to visit together with restaurants and cafes.

Lazienki Palace

In the New Town there are also interesting buildings to see, including many churches and the Marie Curie Museum. Both the New and Old Town are especially lively during the summer, when there are many festivals with music, theatre and galleries held in the squares.

There are many Museums to visit in Warsaw, including the Warsaw Rising Museum and the Chopin Museum. The Multimedia Fountain Park by the Vistula River is a great sight with many fountains in various impressive displays with different colours and lights together with music.

The City of Krakow in the south of Poland has many places to visit, including Wawel Hill, where you can visit Wawel Castle and Wawel Cathedral. Other historic buildings include St. Mary’s Basilica which has the world’s biggest Gothic altarpiece. There are many quaint cobbled streets, alleyways and courtyards with a lovely atmosphere. You can also see many churches, palaces and mansions, in various architectural styles including Baroque and Gothic.

There are lots of museums and galleries to visit in Krakow, such as the Krakow National Museum, which has several separate buildings around the city. Collections include Polish 20th century art, armoury and military equipment dating from the 12th century to the 20th century, decorative art, stained glass and costumes dating between the 16th and 20th centuries. Krakow is a lively city with many festivals and lots of restaurants and cafes to choose from, together with a vibrant nightlife with its many theatres, clubs and bars.

The Polish Landscape

The Masurian Lakes in the north east of Poland is a vast region with numerous lakes, including Sniardwy, Poland’s biggest lake, along with many rivers and canals. It is a very popular area for locals and visitors alike with its stunning scenery. There are forests and green, hilly landscapes and lots of towns you can visit in the area such as Mikolajki and Gizycko which are popular with visitors.

There are plenty of activities you can take part in all over the region such as sailing, canoeing and kayaking along the connected waters, fishing, swimming or windsurfing. There are also boat races held in the main lakes during the summer.


You can also hike or bike along the many trails in the fields and forests and and enjoy the surrounding nature of the area. The Masurian Landscape Park with its several nature reserves have an abundance of natural wildlife you can see, including bison in the Bialowieza Forest.

The Tatra Mountains region is a very popular area in Poland with nature lovers with its beautiful scenery and abundant wildlife. You can enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscape including the Dolina Koscieliska valley. There are clear lakes, forests, waterfalls and meadows that you can explore and the area is rich in flowers and plant life. The many forest areas with trees include spruce, fir and pine, and edelweiss are among the attractive flowers in the meadows. Some of the animals you can see around the area are brown bears, wolves, roe and red deer and boar. In the waters there are many fish such as bullheads and trout, and birds in the region include the golden eagle.

The Tatra region is great for winter sports with Zakopane being one of the sports resorts in the area. You can ski, climb, hike or cycle around the region while enjoying the surroundings. There are many trails to follow which range from gentle walking or cycling to harder climbing. You could also have a cable car ride up Mount Kasprowy, for example, and you could also visit the lovely sight of the Siklawa waterfalls. The Morskie Oko Lake is also another great place to visit in the area and there are horse carts and sleighs you can ride on. There are also caves that you can visit in the Koscieliska valley which are very interesting.

Polish Cuisine

Popular dishes in Poland include kotlet schabowy which is a cutlet of pork in breadcrumbs, bigos which is a dish of stewed sauerkraut and meat such as pork or venison, and golabki which is cabbage leaves filled with spicy meat together with rice and can be eaten with sour cream. Other favourites are gulasz which is meat stew and noodles together with vegetables such as potatoes, and filet z dorsza which is a fillet of cod cooked in beer batter and eaten with mashed potatoes.

Kielbasa, or sausages, are hugely popular in Poland and there are many different types including smoked, spicy, peppered and blood sausage and can be made with various meats such as pork, beef, chicken or turkey. Pierogi are dumplings which are another favourite and can have a filling of mushrooms, sauerkraut, potato, meat or cheese. Sweet dumplings can be filled with fruit such as cherries. Popular soups include zupa pomidorowa which is tomato soup with rice or noodles and kartoflanka which is soup made with potatoes.

Bread in a hugely popular food in Poland and is mainly made with wheat or rye. Favourite sweet dishes in Poland include paczek which is a donut with jam filling and pierniki which is gingerbread with marmalade filling. Sernik is cheesecake with vanilla, orange and raisins and enjoyed widely in Poland. Popular drinks in Poland include beer, vodka and mead poltorak, a honey and grape drink, and non-alcoholic drinks include kvass, tea, buttermilk and kefir.

On a trip to Poland you are bound to have a good time visiting the lively cities with their interesting buildings, museums and festivals and exploring the varied and beautiful landscape around the country.

Capital: Warsaw
Currency: Zloty
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1