Serbia Car Hire

Serbia Car Hire

In Serbia you can visit numerous interesting places, including museums and historical buildings and sites, along with wonderful natural landscapes of mountains, forests, gorges and lakes.

Serbia Car Hire

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Serbian Arts and Architecture

Belgrade, the Capital City, is a lively place with plenty of interesting things to see and do, Here you can see many historical places of interest, such as the 19th century Classical style Old Palace, which is now the City Assembly. Other grand buildings to visit are the Royal Palace, built in the 20th century in Serbian Byzantine style, with its beautiful grounds and gardens around it, and the Classical style building of the National Assembly.

The Kalemegdan Fortress stands above the Danube and Sava Rivers which meet here in Belgrade and is an important landmark. It is now a park where you can have great views over the rivers, and there are also cafes here together with an observatory and museum. You can see cathedrals and churches in Belgrade such as St. Michael’s Cathedral built in the 19th century with Neo-Classical and Baroque styles and the inside of the Cathedral has very ornate decoration.

There are interesting museums to visit in Belgrade which include the Historical Museum of Serbia and the Ethnographic Museum, where you can see collections showing the lives of Serbian people through history. There is also the 19th century Residence of Princes Ljubica which now houses exhibitions of collections such as furniture.

Skadarlija Street is a particularly lively and popular street in Belgrade with lots of hotels, restaurants, shops and galleries. Bands regularly play traditional Serbian music in this cobblestoned street and it has a enjoyable and friendly atmosphere.

Interior of Cathedral of The Holy Great Martyr George in Novi Sad

There are many riverside restaurants you can eat in and enjoy the views or you could eat in one of the barge restaurants for a lovely meal on the river. You could also go to Ada Ciganlija which is a island on the Sava River in the city. There is a lake and beach there where you can relax or enjoy sports on the water and where there are also cafes and restaurants. You could go and see a drama, opera or ballet performance at the elegant National Theatre in Belgrade with its splendid hall There are many festivals held in Belgrade throughout the year and include theatre, art, wine and different types of music such as jazz.

Novi Sad is a lovely city to visit with many places of interest to see. The Petrovaradin fortress by the River Danube is a major landmark in the city and also comprises the City Museum with collections from pre-history to the present relating to the city. Also at the fortress are cafes and an observatory, planetarium and clock tower that you can visit along with underground passages. Other historical buildings in Novi Sad include the grand building of the 19th century Old Town Hall and the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Great Martyr George, with its colourful and decorative interior and paintings. Novi Sad Synagogue built in early 20th century is a splendid building and is now a place where events and concerts are held.

The Collection of Foreign Art, which is another department of the City Museum, has numerous works of art including paintings dated between the 16th and 20th centuries, along with sculpture and furniture. The Vojvodina Museum would also be an interesting visit with numerous collections including paintings by artists such as Rubens and also houses archaeological and historical artefacts such as furniture, costumes and various arts. There are festivals and events held in Novi Sad, particularly the in summer when there are festivals which include music such as pop, rock and folk with local and international performers. You can also take walks by the Danube River and enjoy the riverside views, and there are plenty of restaurants to eat at in the city.

The Serbian Landscape

The Tara National Park is a wonderful region in the west of Serbia where you can see the Tara Mountain in the Dinaric Alps and many meadows, sheer cliffs, gorges and ravines. Part of the Drina River is the Park and the Drina Gorge is stunning with dramatic cliffs and you can have a boat tour or kayak in the area.

Djerdap Gorge (Iron Gates) of the Carpathian Mountains

You can hike or bike around the region taking in the great views and fresh air and there are karst caves, natural springs and attractive waterfalls.

The green forests have many trees which include spruce and there is much wildlife that live in the area. The animals here include roe deer, brown bear, wolves and chamois and the many birds include golden eagle, peregrine falcon and griffon vulture.

The Djerdap National Park is a beautiful area along part of the River Danube and has stunning landscapes to explore. The huge Djerdap gorge, called the Iron Gates, is by the Carpathian mountains and the gorge is an amazing sight, consisting of four gorges with ravines between them. There is an immense amount of wildlife in the park with many plants and animals among the beauty of the natural landscapes, and there are also a big lake in the Park made from the power plant there. There are many dense, green forests in the Park and you can walk around enjoying the beauty of the trees and all the lovely natural landscapes of the Park.

Serbian Cuisine

Popular dishes eaten in Serbia include dolma which are vegetables such as peppers or tomatoes, with a variety of stuffings and sarma which are cabbage leaves stuffed with rice, mince and seasoning. Podvarak is also common, which is sauerkraut with meat and onions, and also paprikas, which is meat, such as chicken or pork in a paprika stew. Dumplings are popular and can be cooked with various ingredients such as potatoes or cabbage, as is muckalica which is pieces of pork with a sauce of tomato and pepper. Other very popular dishes in Serbia are cevapi which is minced meat that is grilled and often eaten in flat bread with sour cream, onions and cottage cheese, and also pljeskavica which is a patty of ground meat such as pork or lamb, with onions.

Popular desserts enjoyed include baklava which is layered pastry with a filling of nuts and honey, and krofne which are doughnuts with various fillings such as cream or custard. Nut roll is also common and is a rolled pastry and nut and honey paste often with a covering of ingredients such as cherry or walnut. Bundevara is a light sweet pastry with a filling of pumpkin and pancakes are also common and can be eaten with a variety of ingredients such as jam or chocolate sauce. Popular alcoholic drinks consumed in Serbia are beer, wine and plum brandy and common non-alcoholic drinks include strong black coffee and yogurt.

You are bound to have a great time when you visit Serbia, whether you are touring the cities with their splendid buildings and lively festivals, or hiking around a beautiful scenic landscape of mountains and forests.

Capital: Belgrade
Currency: Serbian Dinar
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1