Slovakia Car Hire

Slovakia Car Hire

Slovakia is a beautiful country where you can visit cities with elegant architecture, museums and many places of interest and explore the varied landscape of the country with its stunning scenery.

Slovakia Car Hire

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Slovak Arts and Architecture

Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, is an attractive city with elegant buildings, little cobbled streets, arches and picturesque squares. The Old Town is full of churches, interesting buildings in attractive colours, palaces and museums, together with many restaurants, bars and cafes. The many museums in the Old Town include the Slovak National Museum, City Museum, where you can see the torture chambers among other things, and the Wine Museum, and there is also the Slovak National Gallery.

You can see the huge, imposing Bratislava Castle standing on a hill in the centre of the city which towers over the river, and admire its towers and grand mixture of elegant architecture. You can visit St. Martin’s Cathedral dating from the 13th century with its Gothic architecture or visit elegant palaces such as the Baroque Grassalkovich Palace with its lovely gardens.

Bratislava Castle

You can walk or cycle by the River Danube or enjoy a boat trip, or you can sample some wine in one the wine cellars in the city. You can also enjoy an opera, drama and ballet in the grand building of the Slovak National Theatre, or visit Bratislava Zoo and the nearby Dino Park. Not far away are the Small Carpathians which you can explore with their deep forests, and hike or ski on the slopes.

Kosice is an interesting city to visit in Slovakia, full of lovely sights. The Main Street is full of historical buildings to see including the medieval St. Elizabeth Cathedral with its Gothic architecture dating from the 14th century and visitors can admire the views of the city centre from the tower. You can also see St. Urban’s Tower here, along with St. Michael’s chapel. On Main Street there are many shops and a variety of restaurants and cafes to eat in.

You can enjoy a visit to the beautiful Baroque style State Theatre and enjoy drama there, along with ballet and opera, and there are some lovely palaces, including the splendid Neo-Renaissance Andrassy’s Palace and Baroque Archbishop’s Palace. Interesting museums to see in Kosice include the East Slovak Museum with history, science and art sections.

Very popular in the summer in Kosice is the singing fountain by the State Theatre which both locals and visitors like to sit around and enjoy the water spouting out in time to music and in the evenings it looks very pretty with its lights against the darkening sky.

The Slovak Landscape

The High Tatras, a range of mountains in Slovakia, are wonderful to explore, with beautiful peaks, waterfalls, forests, valleys and lakes and are part of the Tatra National Park. The region is abundant with wildlife and you can see animals roaming in the region such as chamois, brown bear, lynx and wild boar.

The forests are dense with pine trees and the lakes are a vivid turquoise colour and include the impressive Great Hincovo Mountain Lake which is the largest, and other popular lakes are Lake Strbske and Lake Popradske.

The High Tatras

You can also see various waterfalls around the region and enjoy their beautiful cascading waters.

You can visit resorts in the region such as the Smokovec resorts and Tatranska Lomnica and take part in skiing, snowboarding and rock climbing, and you can hike along the many trails in the breathtaking landscape. You can also visit a spa in the region and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of the clean air.

The Slovak Paradise National Park is a stunning region in East Slovakia with the Slovak Paradise range of mountains and many nature reserves. You can hike or cycle along the many trails in region and see gorges, valleys, canyons lots of streams and rivers including the Hornad River. You can visit the popular Dobsinska Ice Cave and see gorges such as the Sucha Bela gorge and admire the waterfalls flowing down them. The Palcmanska Masa is a lovely water reservoir where you can fish, swim and take part in many other activities on the water by the scenic surroundings. You can see the abundance of wildlife in the Park such as wolves, bears, deer and boars and otters, and the park has a vast area of forest which include trees such as spruce, beech and pine.

Slovak Cuisine

A popular food in Slovakia is dumplings, which are eaten in a lot of dishes, either savoury with meat or vegetables or sweet varieties with fillings of jam or fruit. One such dumpling dish is bryndzove halusky which are dumplings with sheep cheese and sometimes bacon or sausage. Svieckova is beef and a creamy sauce together with dumplings, and also popular is pork, cabbage and dumplings. Bryndzove pirohy are dumplings with cheese in them.

Goulash is also popular in Slovakia, segedin goulash is made with pork, sauerkraut and sour cream and eaten with dumplings and gulasova polievka is goulash of beef, potatoes, tomatoes, paprika. Sausages are common, such as jaternice which is a liver sausage and rice, and blood sausage.

Another favourite dish is vyprazany syr which is cheese, such as Edam, covered in breadcrumbs and fried. It is often eaten with French fries and tartar sauce. Soup is popular, and includes lentil, bean, pumpkin, sausage and sauerkraut and garlic soup. Popular desserts in Slovakia include kolace which is a pastry filled with cheese and topped with fruit. It can also be topped with chicken or nuts for a savoury version. Zemlovka is made with bread soaked in sweet milk with apples or pears. Pancakes are popular and are often served with jam or chocolate sauce. Buchteln are rolls with jam, such as plum, or poppy seed filling and orechovnik is a sweet roll made with walnuts. Popular drinks in Slovakia include beer such as Pils, Borovicka which is made with junipers, slivovica which is made with plums, and wine. Favourite soft drinks include Kofola, which is similar to Coke.

Whether you are taking in the sights of the cities with their castles, cathedrals and churches, or hiking in round the mountains, lakes and valleys of the wonderful landscape, your trip to Slovakia is bound to be very enjoyable.

Capital: Bratislava
Currency: Euro
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1