Sweden Car Hire

Sweden Car Hire

Visiting Sweden you can have lots of great experiences including enjoying the diverse and vibrant cities, exploring the great landscapes with their natural beauty and soaking up the rich and friendly culture of the country.

Sweden Car Hire

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Swedish Arts and Architecture

Stockholm, the Swedish Capital, is made up of fourteen islands and a much of the city is covered in water, woods and parks. There are skyscrapers together with boats and cobbled streets.

The Old Town of Stockholm, Gamla Stan, has little medieval alleys and cobbled streets, together with 17th and 18th century buildings. Here you can see the Tyska kyrkan, which is the German Church, along with the royal palace and parliament buildings. Storkyrkan Cathedral from the 13th century, together additional Baroque architecture, is also here and is by the old castle. The Old Town’s main square is Stortorget with attractive and colourful, tall buildings of stone.

Norrmalm, to the Old Town’s north, is very modern with lots of shops and department stores and here you will find Kungstradgarden which is a very popular park.The National Museum in Stockholm houses thousands of works dating from the 16th century, including paintings by Rembrandt together large collections of Swedish art such as works by Alexander Roslin. The Museum of Modern Art houses paintings by artists including Salvador Dali and Picasso. There are fine theatres in Stockholm such as the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

Swedish Parliament Building

On Djurgarden island is the popular amusement park, Grona Lund, with many attractions together with restaurants. Open from April to mid September, it perfect for a family day out.

Gothenburg, a diverse and attractive city in the south of Sweden has grand squares, neoclassical buildings and lots of interesting architecture with colourful tiles, stucco and stone. There are also charming canals around the city. The Old Town is interesting with main square being Gustav Adolfs torg. In the Old Town there are lots of markets selling food and also the Stadsmuseum which was formerly the Swedish East India Company base and displays artefacts relating to the Company and its wealth, together with Sweden’s Viking history, including the remains of a longboat, right up to the present day. The Maritiman, a maritime museum, is located on the Gota Alv river and has a collection of floating ships including destroyer, cargo ship, towboats and barge and is worth a visit. By the canal in the south of the Old Town is Tradgardsforeningen Park which is very attractive and a popular place to relax.

Avenyn, in the modern area more south, has many superb bars and restaurants and the surrounding area has museums such as the Konstmuseum which is the Museum of Fine Art.The Liseberg Amusement Park is great for a family fun day out with its roller coaster and other rides, together with fountains and colourful lights.

The district of Linne is a very lively part of the city with many trendy restaurants and cafes and a great nightlife. Here there are lots of 19th century Dutch style buildings which along with lots of roads in the surrounding areas with many interesting shops including antique shops. In Slottskogsparken Park you can visit the Natural History Museum.

The Swedish Landscape

The province of Dalarna in central Sweden is a beautiful region with many lakes and dense forests. The north part of the region has a mountainous landscape with lakes made by glaciers and the region’s south part has copper mines and lots of plains. Lake Siljan is a popular retreat, against the mountains. Here is the Siljan Ring which was created by a meteorite impact millions of years ago.

Swedish Fishermans Village

There are little towns by the lake including Mora and Leksand. Going north from Mora you could visit the bear park in Orsa.

There are lots of little rural villages and pretty hills and meadows, and there are plenty of hotels and hostels together with campsites if you want to camp. The province has several National Parks including Fulufjallet with the highest waterfall in Sweden. You can explore the region and enjoy the landscape and its nature and wildlife. Several of the oldest living trees in the world are on Mount Fulufjallet, with the oldest tree being over 9.500 years old. There are ski resorts in Indre and Salen, with Salen being the biggest ski resort in Sweden.

Hoga Kusten, the High Coast, is situated on the Bothnian Coast in the east of Sweden. It has gleaming fjords, imposing rugged cliffs and lots of islands covered in pines with clear water sea. The area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site with dramatic mountains and valleys, together with pretty coves. The many islands vary in size and are very attractive and peaceful, especially those such as Hogbonden and Ulvon. From the islands you can have a great view of the dramatic cliffs on the coast.

Swedish Cuisine

Open sandwiches (smorgas), are popular in Sweden and often made with knackebrod (crisp bread). Toppings can include cold cuts of meat, cheese, boiled eggs, caviar and cucumber. Still popular is the tradition of having soup on Thursday, one of the most common soups is artsoppa, which is a thick pea soup with pork pieces and mustard, and pancakes afterwards.

Swedish meatballs are a traditional food, consisting of ground pork or beef served in gravy as part of a smorgasbord. Fish is eaten widely in Sweden, particularly, salmon, herring, shrimp and lobster. Popular fish dishes include fiskbullar are fish balls of white fish that is minced. Also inkokt lax which is boiled salmon, carrots and onions in vinegar and water with sugar and spices, mostly served cold with lemon and dill with mayonnaise added. Inlagd sill is pickled herring with carrot, onions and allspice.

The most popular meats are pork, beef and chicken. Popular meat dishes include flaskpannkaka which is baked pancake with pork, and pyttipanna which is mixed pieces of fried meat together with potatoes, onions. Another popular dish is bruna bonor which is pork with brown beans that are stewed. Different kinds of dumplings are popular and include kroppkakor which is boiled potato dumplings with a filling of pork. Also blodpalt which are blood dumplings and leverpalt which are liver dumplings.

Popular desserts in Sweden include pancakes which can have toppings of jam or whipped cream, klappgrot which is cold semolina pudding with the juice of fruit such as raspberries, redcurrant or blackberries. Pastries are popular and are very often enjoyed with coffee. They include cinnamon roll, kanelbulle and coffee bread, kaffebrod. Kringla is a cookie in the shape of a pretzel and prinsesstarta (princess cake), is a layered sponge cake together with custard and whipped cream with green marzipan. Beer is one the most popular alcoholic drinks, together with vodka.

On a trip to Sweden you will always have an interesting time. Whether you are hiking through forests and hills, relaxing by one of the many gleaming lakes, enjoying live music in an trendy bar, or visiting a fascinating museum, your trip is bound to be a very enjoyable one.

Visiting Sweden you can have lots of great experiences including enjoying the diverse and vibrant cities, exploring the great landscapes with their natural beauty and soaking up the rich and friendly culture of the country.

Capital: Stockholm
Currency: Swedish Krona
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1