Slovenia Car Hire

Slovenia Car Hire

Slovenia is a diverse country where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape with its mountains, valleys, lakes and vibrant cities with many impressive buildings and museums, together with parks, music and art.

Slovenia Car Hire

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Slovenian Arts and Architecture

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is a lively city with many interesting and elegant historical buildings and sites, together with a modern, energetic and friendly culture.

The Ljubljana Castle on the hill in the centre of the city was built in the 12th century and has Gothic architecture along with later Romanesque and Renaissance additions. The Ursuline Church is very elegant with its Baroque architecture, and the Cathedral is an impressive Baroque building with its towers and attractive dome of green, together with statues and frescoes. In the Old Town, by the River Ljubljanica, you can admire buildings such as the Church of the Annunciation with its Baroque architecture built in a attractive red colour in the 17th century.

The Ljubljanica River

You can visit some of the many interesting museums and galleries in Ljubljana, such as the National Museum, which includes Slovenian archaeological artefacts. Here is also the Natural History Museum in which you can see a fascinating skeleton of a mammoth. In the National Gallery the works include medieval collections, together with Impressionist works, and for art from the 20th century you can visit the Museum of Modern Art.

You can eat and drink in the cafes alongside the River Ljubljanica and admire the many attractive bridges in the city including the Triple Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Trnovo Bridge and Butcher’s Bridge. In Tivoli Park you can relax and enjoy the gardens, ponds, trees and fountains and see the sculptures and buildings there including mansions and halls. Ljubljana is home to many interesting events and festivals including music, such as jazz and classical, art and theatre, adding to the energy and interest of the city. The nightlife in the city is energetic with lively clubs, restaurants and cafes.

The city of Maribor is a lively city with lots of historical buildings in a mixture of different styles and is also surrounded by a lovely landscape of hills and mountains. You can go up Piramida hill and Kalvarija hill with their vineyards and enjoy the views from them, or go wine tasting in the Vinag Wine cellars.

The area of Lent in Maribor has medieval towers remaining together with parts of the city walls, and you can see the the 15th century castle there together with the Maribor Regional Museum inside. Maribor is also home to the Slovene National Theatre where you can enjoy music, drama and ballet. You can relax by the Drava River and enjoy the lively cafes and restaurants of the city, or visit the attractive city Park where there is an Aquarium. There is also the nearby Pohorje Adrenaline Park where you can take part in many exciting activities. Maribor has a great nightlife and there are also festivals that take place in the city including wine, music and theatre festivals.

The Slovenian Landscape

In the Soca Valley you can enjoy all the beautiful sights around the River Soca and surrounding countryside. The river is an amazingly clear, vivid blue colour and there are cascading waterfalls together with pools and rapids. You can enjoy many activities on the river including rafting, kayaking and fishing. The Julian Alps in this region are beautiful with many mountains and valleys and you can ski, snowboard and climb in the mountains and even take part in paragliding.

Lake Bohinj

There are many trails for walking, cycling and horse riding around the region and you can visit local towns such as Bovec and Kobarid which are popular with visitors as they have many outside activities to take part in there.

The Soca Valley region is in part of the Triglav National Park where you can enjoy the amazing sights and nature of the area and visit the Tolmin Gorges where there is a thermal spring and cave. The Park is home to valleys, forests, gorges, mountains and meadows and is abundant in wildlife, which includes animals such as brown bears, lynx, red deer and birds such as eagles. You can visit Lake Bohinj in the Triglav National Park and enjoy the crystal clear water there which is home to chub and trout, along with other fish. You can swim and fish in the waters and have a relaxing boat trip and you can walk or cycle along the routes around the lake and enjoy the surroundings.

The Postojna Caves in the south west of the country make a fascinating visit. You can see the interesting rock formations in the huge caves with their halls, chambers and passages. You can have guided tours around the caves and there is also a cave train you can ride in, together with electric lighting enabling visitors to see clearly all the amazing stalactites, stalagmites and calcite shapes. In one of the cave halls, called the Concert Hall, the area is vast and the acoustics have an amazing quality. There are also other nearby caves to see and you can also visit the Rakov Skocjan Regional Park with its brooks and springs together with creeks, caves and interesting natural bridges.

Slovenian Cuisine

Traditional Slovenian dishes include bujta repa which is pork with sour turnips. Ricet which is a soup with pork, barley, potatoes, beans and carrots, and jota which is a stew with sauerkraut, beans, bacon and potatoes. Idrijski zlikrofi are dumplings of dough and potato and can be covered in breadcrumbs or served with meat.

Sausages are popular and include kranjska klobasa made from pork, pepper and salt and Kasekrainer is a sausage with pork and cheese pieces often served with mustard, curry or ketchup in a roll. Liver sausage is also popular, as is black pudding. Frtalja, omelettes are popular in Slovenia and can have different ingredients added mushrooms, bacon, ham, asparagus, fennel, tomatoes and garlic. Also common is matevz which is made from potatoes and beans and often served with turnips or sauerkraut.

Traditional desserts in Slovenia include prekmurska gibanica which is a cake that is layered with ricotta, walnuts, raisins together with apples. Belokranjska povitica is a pasty filled with cream, cheese, eggs and butter, and povitica is a nut roll pastry with nut paste and honey. Krof are doughnuts with various fillings such as jam, marmalade or chocolate. Popular drinks in Slovenia include wine, such as cvicek, and beer, such as Lasko Zlatorog, together with slivovka, which is a plum brandy. Popular non-alcoholic drinks include sour milk.

On a visit to Slovenia you will have a great time, whether you are exploring fascinating caves, taking a scenic boat trip along crystal clear waters, or enjoying interesting museums, galleries and festivals in the city.

Capital: Ljubljana
Currency: Euro
Emergency Services: 112
Drives On: Right
Time Zones: UTC +1